Managing Unlimited PTO with Tiffany Castagno

In this episode, Kylie Grant speaks with Tiffany Castagno, Founder and CEO of CEPHR LLC. They explore how organizations can implement and manage unlimited PTO policies and whether or not it's right for an organization. 

Key Action Points:

  • The growing trend of Unlimited PTO. Where we are seeing unlimited PTO and how it can work in an organization. 
  • Concerns related to unlimited PTO. How can human resources ensure the success of this policy? Does unlimited PTO reflect your company culture or not?
  • Company culture's impact on policies like unlimited PTO. The value of checking in on your teams to communicate changes in policies in the best way possible.
  • Encouraging a healthy work environment, work-life balance, and psychological safety when shaping policies. Choosing what works best without ignoring the needs within your organization. 

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