Excel FTE Calculator

Keeping track of productivity levels among your company's employees can be a challenge. This excel FTE calculator allows you to calculate the real performance of work teams, specific departments, or the entire organization. With our template for Full Time Equivalent calculation, it makes it easier to conduct an internal analysis of the company.

By seeing what are the potential productivity levels in a given time, you'll be able to better understand what the organization's demands are and what needs to be changed internally to make it even more productive. 

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FTE Calculator


Benefits of Using an FTE Calculator:

  • Better Understand your Workforce - By using an FTE calculator, HR departments are able to convert the hours worked by part-time employees into hours worked by full-time employees.
  • Better Plan Your Projects - an FTE calculator is a great indicator of the productive capacity of your company as it indicates how much manpower a company has at a given time.
  • Respect Legislation: with the help of the FTE calculator you'll have a better overview of your staff and ensure you comply with the labour laws regarding various contract types.
  • Performance Analysis - a full-time equivalent calculation can help HR managers to better understand the needs of your organisation and allows them to make better decisions regarding personnel management.
  • Make Data-based Decisions - Identify whether your company needs to restructure, hire or reduce its staff, etc.

How to Use the Template:

  • Indicate how many employees work at your company
  • Indicate how many hours they work a week and for how many weeks
  • Our model will then instantly calculate the Full-Time Equivalent 

Do you want help with the management of your company’s key figures, supporting your team to make the right decisions, and implementing the right measures in personnel planning?

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