Building inclusive workplaces through cultural proficiency

The heartbeat of every organization stems from its culture. Culture drives DEIB and dictates how people engage with each other and how decisions are made. Cultural proficiency is the operating system that is designed to call people ‘in’ versus calling them ‘out’. This session with Sheree Knowles covers cultural proficiency, the Cultural Proficiency Framework, and the best practices to use the framework to create inclusive workplaces.

About Sheree

Sheree Knowles, SPHR, CPM is a talented executive with over 25 years of HR leadership and project management experience. She is the founder of two human capital and talent management firms, 8(a) and DBE certified Human Capital Consulting Consortium (H3C) and HR Knowledge Source (HRKS). Recently, HRKS was recognized as a 2021 Top 30 Small Businesses of the Year in Cobb County, GA, featured in TheAtlanta Business Chronicle, and broadcasted in Inside The Blueprint.