How to Drive a High-Performance Culture in HR

With the talent shortage and pandemic-related changes, creating a motivated and healthy workplace culture is a top priority for many human resource professionals. "High-performance culture" is a commonly used buzzword, but what is it exactly? And what is the best way to create one?

In this interactive online workshop, HR M&A Integrations Senior Manager, Vitor Hugo Cid, lays out what defines a High-performance culture, tips on managing employee performance, and more.

In this video, you will learn more about:

  • High-performance culture: Now and in the future
  • Managing performance in complex, fluid, and changing environments
  • How HR professionals can prepare and embrace change

More About Vitor

Born in Brazil, Vitor Hugo Cid has worked and lived in the USA since 2017. He has 15 years of experience in human resources, has worked for two major multinational companies, and has explored a wealth of different functions within the field of HR throughout his career.

His passions are self-development, people, innovation and creativity, transformation, business management, philosophy, arts, and human psychology. Always learning new skills, he considers himself a generalist and a multipotentialite: a person with several interests that can apply them to their daily life.