HR Change Management: A Data-Driven Approach

During times of change, it can be tough to stay organized and stay afloat! Especially now, people teams are searching for ways to shift to new working models, often without training and guidance to help them along the way. In order to manage smooth transitions, cultivating change management skills is an essential part of any team member's toolbelt.

In this webinar, CEO and founder of CPHR, LLC, Tiffany Castagno, draws from her experiences of helping small to mid-sized businesses to discuss the ins and outs of hr change management.  While watching Tiffany's presentation, you will:

  • Learn about determining stakeholders
  • Find out how to fine-tune your infrastructure
  • Discover how to leverage data to measure performance
  • And more!

More about Tiffany

Tiffany Castagno is CEO & Founder of CEPHR, LLC, a human resources consulting firm that supports small to mid-sized businesses to build their infrastructures-to-scale, strong teams, a strong employer brand, and culture.

As a transformative HR curator of culture, her "why" is building more psychologically safe organizations and cultures and stronger leadership models to support the people and processes within organizations.