Organizational Commitment: A Modern Alternative to Employee Engagement

In this session, Andrew discusses the issues with employee engagement then explains what organizational commitment is and how it's related to employee engagement, performance and retention. He will also cover why companies and people leaders measure organizational commitment instead of employee engagement. Learn more! Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn or Follow New Wave Solutions! Want to learn about organizational commitment and NWS? Talk to Andrew by phone or email at +1 (714) 496-2984 and or check out their website here New Wave Solutions. Andrew and NWS have provided some great resources!  3 Reasons to Measure Employees'​ "Organizational Commitment"​ Instead of "Employee Engagement"​ Research: Employees' top needs, priorities, and concerns for 2022 Commitment Feedback Survey Overview

About Andrew

Andrew Kitchner is the Founder and CEO of New Wave Solutions, an employee surveying firm that has surveyed more than 500K employees since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. His background in economics & neuropsychology has led him to developing research that focuses on predicting and improving long-term retention. Andrew and his team use customized employee surveys to help their clients measure and improve Employee Commitment instead of Employee Engagement.