People Analytics: Analyzing HR Data [download eBook pdf]

People Analytics

Are you wondering how to measure the engagement rate of your employees or how to improve your workers’ performance? With people analytics, you can manage your people more effectively using reliable data sources. By combining your personal experiences as an HR professional and using scientific data, which can also assist in anticipating certain scenarios, this … Read more

USA Federal Holidays 2021

Federal holidays are public holidays created by a country’s federal government and established by law (Federal Law – 5 U.S.C. 6103). The whole country recognizes this day as a holiday. Employees are paid for these holidays and all non-essential federal offices remain closed. This federal holiday 2021 guide will detail each individual holiday and the … Read more

Chart a Path to Success with Workforce Analytics

workforce analytics

Whether you’re overhauling your business plan or simply looking to optimize the day-to-day, gaining insight into your organization’s operations can make a world of difference. Workforce analytics provides the data necessary for efficient workforce strategizing and planning. What, exactly, is workforce analytics? Some organizations may believe that it is simply measuring (headcounts, labor costs, turnover). … Read more

The HR Strategic Plan to Take Your Business to the Next Level

hr strategic plan

Chances are 2020 has meant major changes for your business. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take stock of your business’s changing needs and rethink how HR can contribute to the big picture. The best way to plan for the future? An HR strategic plan. This document helps you identify your organization’s long-term … Read more

The Truth About Paid Sick Leave Law in the USA: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

paid sick leave law

Paid sick leave law is relatively new; San Francisco was the first city to implement such a policy in 2007. Since then, however, more and more cities and states have adopted their own paid sick leave laws. While employers are sometimes against these policies at first, most have found that robust paid sick leave policies … Read more

[Webinar🎧] How Gender, Ethnic Diversity, Inclusion, and Performance, go hand in hand

diversity webinar

The Covid crisis has brought many topics to the surface. One, in particular, is the conversation around diversity & inclusion, which is one in which more companies are realizing the importance of having. In this webinar with D’Mar Phillips, Vice President of Global People Services at Clarus, D’Mar shared how gender, ethnic diversity, inclusion, and performance, … Read more