All-in-one Human Capital Management Software

human capital management software

Smart businesses know that their employees are valuable. Really valuable. That’s why they invest in human capital management software (HCMS): if you have something valuable, it is important to take care of it. HCMS helps to streamline and automate tedious HR tasks which cost your business time and money. Employees appreciate the increased transparency and … Read more

‌Managing PTO Requests: Exempt vs Non-exempt Employees

pto requests

Employees may need to use paid time off (PTO) for any number of reasons: sick time, personal days, vacation. While fielding PTO requests is no one’s favorite activity, efficient PTO management will boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Managers need to consider how to process time off requests from both non-exempt and exempt employees. While non-exempt … Read more

Talent Acquisition Software: Calculating the ROI

talent acquisition software

When you’re hiring, you want someone with the whole package: qualifying experience, strong skill set, great cultural fit. Unfortunately, finding top talent is no walk in the park. According to a Manpower Group survey, 69% of employers have difficulties filling open positions. How can businesses update their recruiting tools to make sure the right person … Read more