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5 Advantages of Hiring Millennials

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Surely you have heard about Millennial many times, in our blog we have used the term on several occasions, but it may not have always been in a positive context. As a human resources professional you should forget about all the prejudices that may be associated with them, since they represent not only the future of the companies, but the present ones.

Who are the Millennials?

Also called Generación Z, “Millennial” is nothing more than a word coined to refer to young people born between the ’80s and 2000s, the generation of the change of millennium. Although it is expected that half of the employees will enter in that category by 2020, it is true that younger generations are also the ones most affected by the crisis, so there is a broad demand for employment on their part that you should take advantage of.

5 Advantages of hiring millennials

It is possible that due to the crisis or its youth, the millennial ones are not the most experienced candidates in the selection process, but they do have a profile with many advantages for the small and medium-sized business you can take advantage of:

Higher qualification. Nowadays young people have great training; university degrees, masters and postgraduates, which make them the most qualified generation. Hiring them implies bringing to your company all that updated and modernized knowledge.

Increased involvement and personal improvement. They know what they want and although to call their attention can be difficult, if they feel comfortable in the company they will commit like nobody. If you want to attract young talent in your company, you should keep in mind that they prefer to feel useful and that they are valued, not only with a high salary but also with a good career plan, flexibility and benefits within your contract.

Greater adaptability. Thanks to the internet and its many tutorials, young people are used to investigate everything that catches their attention. They are proactive and versatile workers, capable of developing abilities beyond the main ones for their jobs and which will bring added value and differential to the company. The constant changes they have made make their views broader and more visible in what surrounds them with opportunities and advantages that could go unnoticed by others.

Greater knowledge of technologies. Also called digital natives, their knowledge of new technologies and the daily use of mobile devices and applications makes them experts in optimizing time and resources, which they will definitely want to implement in the company and that will be helpful for all employees The digital transformation of business is on the agenda and by hiring those who know best their surroundings will be the ideal way to promote your company towards the new market model.

Greater innovation and creativity. As we mentioned in the previous point, millennials have an adaptability and curiosity that makes them the ideal candidates to develop innovative strategies with which to achieve better results in a creative way that unleashes the companies of its competitors.

In addition, aspects such as their concern with the protection of the environment, sustainability or labor conciliation make them essential profiles for companies to adapt to new trends.

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