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A Growth Hacker That is 100% Self-Taught

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Jordi Robert, 32, has been an expert in Growth Hacking for years.

A growth hacker focuses on making the traffic, the generated leads, the clients, and the branding grows with the minimum investment.

To do that, Jordi improves positioning by optimizing advertising campaigns, improving the conversion of web pages and campaigns through email.

If you want to know more about organic customer acquisition and analysis tools, watch the Itnig podcast with Jordi.

Who would’ve thought that our ‘growth hacker’ in Factorial studied agriculture and livestock?

Discover his unique path!

A hobby since his childhood

When Jordi was young, he started making web pages as a hobby. He learned everything thanks to his autonomous experience, with forums, blogs, YouTube, and trial and error. He had many small personal projects where he has experienced.

Being curious is the most important thing for him, and he likes to experiment with things that he does not know to see if they work or not on the internet.

It started when he was 15 years old, making a website for the school, where people published their CV and diagrams for exams.

Then, when he was 19 years old, he started his own website of recipes and an online supermarket. He liked to get visits and make money online with passive income. He made automatic websites, which generated money without doing anything.

This thanks to the ads, affiliations, sales, collaborations with brands, etc. It was never enough to live because it was just a hobby and he was in college. Back then he never did it very seriously.

From hobby to profession

Although he has a degree in Agriculture and has never worked in this area. He has only practiced and volunteered. “My heart is in nature and my head in online marketing.”

Jordi studied Audiovisual Communication and, when he was 23 years old, through an internet forum he found work as an SEO assistant in a company of casino and bingo poker sites.

There he was as an SEO assistant and ended up as Project Manager of a team of 14 people.

After that, Jordi started working at Quipu, a software that automates the accounting and financial processes of different companies, freelancers, and consultants. It was the first time he had worked at a startup.

Quipu shares the same accelerator and the same startup group as Factorial, Itnig. After Quipu, he took time to reinvent himself and try new paths with Google and YouTube.

One day, during a startup event, a friend introduced him to Jordi Romero, the CEO of Factorial. He said “What are you doing with your life? Do you want to work for Factorial?

When we saw that both Factorial and I can foster our values together, I started working on Factorial”.

His impact on Factorial works as a spiral between departments

In Factorial, Jordi is Online Acquisition, Community Manager, Content Manager, and SEO Manager. All these responsibilities are a mix that works like a spiral. For example, SEO and content work together because they use material to retain people, but also through SEO they can know what works and what to pay in Adwords. When you know which keywords work, then you work for SEO. Jordi likes when a word is positioned very well in Google. “Getting people to find us, many visits and that people see, register, etc.” is what they like the most in their work.

Its objective, like most of the company, is the ‘Monthly Recurring Revenue’. All he does is to achieve the MRR and reach the objectives of Factorial. And to achieve this common goal, he must always work with all teams.

First, with Sales. Its mission in Marketing is to generate enough ‘leads’ for sales and help in the processes of activation and retention. So, it is important to align the two channels, their messages, objectives to implement campaigns, and the quality of the ‘leads’.

Then, he must work with Product and Development for the implementation of tools, designs, landings pages, etc. In Marketing, there is a bit of web programming too.

According to Jordi, it is much easier to grow in a startup. Now that you are working on a great project: Start the international expansion of Factorial. He is constantly looking for growth strategies to capture new countries through SEO.

To conclude, Jordi chose these two words to better describe Factorial: Employee Happiness.

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