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How to recognize employees with the highest potential of your company

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There are many challenges that the human resources department currently faces and attracting and retaining the best talent is one of them. Other fundamental challenge is to know which employee, among those that already work in the company, hides more potential and how to develop it.

Today we will talk about how to recognize the most talented employees within the company and the advantages that this can bring you.

The importance of recognizing the potential of your employees

Let’s say that the vacancy of Chief of Communication is open at your company, we can start a recruitment process or we can check among the employees that you already know and evaluate which could fill that position. Offering a promotion to employees who have been with the company for some time is one of the best ways to motivate the team and retain talent, thereby demonstrating that you value and appreciate their work and that the effort within the company is rewarded.

Recognizing the skills of our employees and relocating them to a new position where they can make the most of themselves will demonstrate the company’s concern for making the employee feel valued, leading into a greater motivation rate and an increase in their productivity when finding themself doing a new job in which they feel more comfortable. Maybe that employee wasn’t motivated and thinking about leaving the company, but thanks to the fact that the human resources department has recognized its potential and talent the employee stays, saving the company money and time.

It is always important to take into account the employee’s motivation, but especially in recent years, in which according to the Global Talent Ranking 2016 Spain is in the tail in talent retention and job motivation.

If you look at the different rankings, in addition, it is striking how it can be that Spain is in position 28 of 61 when it comes to attracting foreign talent, but in the subcategory of “attract and retain talent” is in the 58th post

Everything, according to Arturo Bris, director of the center of competitiveness of the IMD, why “companies have little culture of training and in general lack of talent management policy”.

How to distinguish the workers with the most potential from your company

In the study carried out in 2013, Employability and career success, they studied the characteristics that most influenced when considering the employability of a person. They can be grouped into three categories:


If we want to find the best worker within the company for a new position, the first thing we have to do is analyze the skills and knowledge that employees have. But we will not select only those who already have the necessary skills to fulfill the new responsibilities, we will include those who demonstrate a greater ability to adapt, those who can adapt to a different and/or more complex work. We will highlight the workers who have shown interest and motivation in acquiring new knowledge and we know that they can do it quickly and flexibly.


Understanding and motivating other people, recognizing their own emotions and those of others, as well as knowing how to express them, will be one of the key points to take into account when distinguishing workers with more potential. Social skills and ease of interpersonal relationships will also be a very important point to consider. If the new position to be covered includes the management and coordination of teams, we must ensure that the employee has a degree of emotional intelligence and social skills that facilitate their work.


Finally, and closely related to the motivation of employees, we find the strength of will that they demonstrate. Working hard and striving to meet the objectives of the company is, clearly, a basic point to contemplate when finding those employees with more potential. In this case, the human resources department should pay attention to the ambition shown by each employee for their willingness to assume new responsibilities and duties and even their willingness to delay bonuses such as vacations for the good of the company. Such an employee can serve as an example to others, so, as we said above, promote him will be a way to show that the company takes seriously the efforts of their employees and their contributions.

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