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Trends in Human Resources to Stay Aware Of

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We are in an era in which everything around us is constantly changing and human resources are no exception. That’s why today we present the latest trends in human resources and the best strategies to include in your human resources plan so you can manage a successful team and help your company to meeting all its goals during the next year.

Trends in human resource management that you should know

As you can see, many of these trends are the evolution of those that already emerged during 2017. In 2018, it is essential that you implement them in your human resources strategies so that you do not fall behind and be able to take full advantage of your team’s potential.


It is not new; A company is nothing without its employees. Currently there are many companies that have understood the importance of motivating their employees to achieve their objectives. Just as companies take care of their customers, they must also take care of their employees, so one of the most important strategies you should have in mind is the care of the employee experience.

We have already mentioned that a positive and attractive employee experience helps companies in many aspects: it helps to attract and retain talent, and increases the motivation of employees. It is important to consider the following human resource strategies to achieve a competitive and differentiating employee experience:

  • Detailed onboarding processes. The first impression that the candidate of a company takes during the selection process will be very important when deciding whether or not to accept the job offer. In a labor market as competitive and demanding as today and where it is vital for companies to attract the best talent, such an important phase can not be neglected.
  • Offer training and attractive career plans. Employees feel valued when they see that the company helps them and encourages them to improve professionally and personally. Offering training and courses subsidized by the company not only helps employees in their career plan and to make them feel valued, it also helps the company. Today’s society and technologies change so rapidly that keeping employees updated in their specializations and skills will always be an advantage.


No man is an island. And in the digital age collaboration is more fruitful and easier than ever. For this you can follow several paths.

  • Activities and teambuilding: In human resources, trends such as teambuilding activities or the creation of company events are very popular, but more and more attention is also being given to creating a work space that promotes collaboration between departments and employees. There are studies that show that moments of conversation between employees increases productivity by 20% and even feeling that you have a friend among your colleagues can improve motivation up to 70%.
  • Diversity: Keep in mind that currently, in addition, in the work environment there are a multitude of different profiles, not only personal professionals, and it is essential that they understand and get along. From young people who have just started to the most veterans, workers from other countries, etc. Good collaboration and effective teamwork among such diversity will strengthen the company, increase its field of vision to new niches and opportunities, and employees, open the mind to new ways of working and doing things.
  • New work structures: Sure you have already noticed, especially in small companies and startups, but the traditional hierarchy is beginning to disappear from companies and that is good. Not only is it important for employees from different departments to be in contact with each other to share ideas, the human resources department must establish a strategy for creating new computer networks in which everyone is informed of how the company is doing and can adapt to them. any change.


The implementation of the Agile Methodology within the human resources strategy is born from the two previous tendencies.

The Agile philosophy is centered on teamwork and the spirit of continuous improvement. The companies that implement it do not see employees as mere resources of the company, they recognize the value they bring and they care about their motivation and well-being. This is where the new human resources profiles have been born, such as Chief Happiness Officer or Chief People Officer, who treat employees as the people they are, with their needs and desires, not just as resources.

This is a trend that within human resources in Spain is not widespread but surely many companies will take this year to implement it, since its benefits are numerous. You can check here the Agile Manifesto.


The digital transformation of companies can not be absent. The power that technology has today in our society is undeniable and the role of technology in the management of human resources, both present and future, should not be underestimated.

Both Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can be adapted to our needs to help us in the strategies and human resources plans. These concepts may sound futuristic science fiction film, but both are already strongly integrated into our daily lives and it is no exaggeration to say that they are revolutionizing the HR sector. Currently we can find them in:

Chatbots: Either as customer help, retrieve information, facilitate processes or answer questions from employees. Using them can help companies save a lot of money and gain efficiency.

The data collection: will help in the call people analytics, make reports of human resources and develop a much more effective and focused strategy.

Recruitment processes: The use of new technologies in human resources is having a strong impact on the selection processes. In addition to recruiting software for HR, AI and data analysis help recruiters to distinguish the best talent for their company and to maintain contact, providing a better experience to the applicants.

In addition, the implementation of these technologies will help employees to work from home and flexible schedules, allowing a reconciliation of professional and personal life that will be very beneficial for the company.


Factorial helps you to implement the latest trends in Human Resources

If you are thinking of implementing these trends in your HR plan or want to improve your strategies with one of our tips, Factorial can be very helpful.

Our online human resources software has an employee portal and an onboarding process to facilitate the incorporation of new employees. It helps you create company events and keep all teams informed of the news.

Using the latest technologies, the program automatically notifies of the sending of payroll and changes in the contract and always keeps updated the calendar of absences and time off requests of all the staff so that the manager accepts or rejects them at the moment. Being an online HR program, information is stored in the cloud, being accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Factorial unites the latest technology with the care and motivation of workers, automates your human resources tasks so you can focus on employees and the best strategies to bring your teams to success. Register now!

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