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[Webinar🎧] Employee Offboarding & The Impact it Has on Your Business

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employee offboarding

Emphasis is often placed on having a solid onboarding process, but what about when the time comes to offboard your employees? It may not be something we’d like to think about, but the process we take and the way we offboard employees can have a huge impact on your business.

In this webinar, Brandi Elizabeth Hudson, Chairman of the Board for’s SF Chapter, shared some key points into why offboarding should be a well thought out process.

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Webinar Content

In this 45 min webinar, Brandi Elizabeth Hudson spoke about the overlooked aspects of the offboarding process, why it’s important to give your exiting employees a good send-off, and what it means if you don’t.

Our Speaker

Brandi Elizabeth Hudson is the Chairman of the Board for’s SF Chapter, a professional speaker and an accomplished HR leader. Her expertise is in progressive, diverse, and broad-based HR practices, among others. Above all, her combined experience as a Generalist, Consultant, Business Partner, and Director have enabled her with a diverse set of skills and experience. If you’d like to hear Brandi speak on one of the topics she is incredibly passionate about, enter the form to be sent the replay of the webinar.

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