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Equip Your Team With the Best Software for HRIS

software for hris

What is Software for HRIS?

HR processes are integral to your business’s success. Simple but mighty tasks, such as getting employees paid on time, tracking hours and shifts, and sourcing new talent, keep things moving. Software for HRIS, Human Resource Information System, can help your team hit the ground running every time

There are different types of HRIS software under different acronyms, such as HCM software, Human Capital Management, and HRMS software, Human Resource Management System. While it goes by many names, an HRIS, HCM, or HRMS is fundamentally an employee management software. It helps track and analyze employee information, ranging from payroll, to leave, to performance. Automated functions lead to fewer mistakes and HR teams get to spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on strategic thinking.

HRIS Software for Small Business can be especially useful because small businesses have no time to waste and no patience for do-overs.

Software for HRIS Benefits & Features

Software for HRIS will take you out of the dark ages: no more spreadsheets, hand-written time-off requests, or confused filing systems. Instead, HRIS software provides clear workflows and keeps information organized in one centralized system. It tracks all relevant employee information from the start of the employee life cycle to the end.

Expect a lot from your software! A good HRIS will provide the following features:

  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Onboarding Support
  • Time Tracking System
  • Holiday and Leave Management
  • Payroll Variations
  • Document Manager
  • Performance Tracker
  • Custom HR Reports
  • Employee Portal
  • Mobile App

HRIS Software for Small Business will not only save the HR team time. It will also help to increase transparency and boost employee engagement. Further, it will reduce the occurrence of costly errors, saving your business money. You will be able to gain insight into your company with helpful data analysis and optimize everything from training to scheduling.

The HR Platform Revolutionizing how you Work

Improve HR Productivity 

HR shouldn’t have to toggle between email, scheduling, and company guidelines. All-in-one Software for HRIS makes it easy for the HR team to handle anything that comes their way. When time-off management, scheduling, and performance tracking become a breeze, HR teams have more time to dedicate problem-solving and strategizing. With all the data on the platform, HR managers will be able to run custom reports to gain insight into their company. Data like this will help you HR team kick it up a notch.

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Increase Transparency

Through the Employee Portal, employees can review all their data at any time. Whether they have questions about last week’s paycheck or want to know if their time-off request has been approved for next month, they’ll be able to have access to up-to-date data all the time. Employees will appreciate the transparency. A little HRIS software training will get them familiarized with the platform and eager to use it. As a bonus, HR won’t have to spend as much time looking up information and replying to questions. It’s a win-win.

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Reduce Errors & Remain Compliant

HR teams have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Unfortunately, mistakes can prove costly. If employees aren’t compensated for overtime, or if time off doesn’t comply with state and federal laws, businesses can incur hefty fines. With vacation and absence management software, the HR team can automate absence requests and create categories for different types of absences. They can also input as policies that will be automatically enforced, making sure employers are compliant with company rules as well as the law. These measures are sure to reduce absenteeism and prevent the business from accidentally crossing the law.

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Manage Time & Customize Workflows

With time tracking software, both employers and employees can easily review hours worked. Managers can toggle settings so that they receive a notification when an employee clocks in or out from a location other than the office. With downloadable summaries and custom reports, managers will be better equipped to make decisions about the team. Shift management software also helps managers schedule repeating shifts on daily, weekly or customizable basis.

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Grow Your Business Team

One of the most important things the HR team does is source top talent to grow your business. An applicant tracking system can help them to find the best of the best. With custom-generated career pages to draw interested candidates and integrations with job sites like Linkedin and Indeed, Factorial will spread the word. HR teams can make tailored application forms and add pipeline steps to get potential hires processed quickly. Finally, digital signatures, it’s easy to get the contracts signed and new hires up to speed. With streamlined onboarding and training processes, they’ll be ready to work in no time!

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Current Trends in Software for HRIS

As your business seeks the HR solution which will be the best fit for you, there are many considerations to take into account. Some things which used to selling points, like integrations with other software and mobile apps, have become standard issue. Here are some of the trends which are setting software for HRIS apart today.

  • Integrated Systems

You’ve probably heard the joke, “There’s an app for that!” That’s because these days, there is specific software designed to do everything from learning the piano to finding hidden treasure. To be sure, there are many different apps for each HR process, accounting apps, time tracking apps, document managers. But is it worth the hassle of toggling between them? Current trends are moving more toward do-it-all systems which can get things done and keep things centralized. This erases the possibility of data being data between platforms and leaves less room for mistakes.

  • Data Analytics

Your business may be sitting on mountains of unused data. Everything your employees do, from their schedules to their vacations, can help provide insight into the functioning of the company. When using software for HRIS, it doesn’t make any sense to use a platform without data analysis capabilities. Trends pointing toward increasingly sophisticated systems, which allow employers to make strategic decisions.

The Best HR Software for Enterprises 

Enterprises looking to streamline their HR processes don’t want just any platform off an HR software list. They need something that will be able to support the management of many different employees with different schedules in different branches. They need something with workflows that leave no room for confusion, and processes that ensure the right supervisor signs off when needed. In short, they need Factorial.

With applicant tracking to help the business grow, onboarding to help get employees up to speed, and schedule balancing to keep the floor covered, Factorial gives enterprises peace-of-mind.

Factorial HRIS Software for Small Business

But it’s not only enterprises that need to think big. HRIS Software for small business can help take small and medium businesses to the next level, and continue to support them as they grow. Small businesses can use the shift manager to keep day-to-day orderly, and vacation and absence software which minimizes absenteeism. Most of all, they need all the functions of HR software in one place. When it comes to software for HRIS, Factorial is the way to go.

Work Smarter with Software for HRIS.

Written by Valerie Slaughter

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