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Employee database software

The Incredible Benefits of Employee Database Software

While it’s not always glamorous, leading companies prioritize administration. With the right administrative systems in place, things just work better. Increased transparency helps employees to feel more secure.  Regularly updated files allow the business to function more smoothly.

It may not seem so, but good administration is a competitive edge that is vital to the success of any business. Employees are, after all, an organization’s greatest asset. With the proper administration, they can soar.

From HR’s perspective, access to employee information data is foundational for effective staff management. To meet this end, HR teams are increasingly turning to employee database software. This revolutionary digital tool helps employers track data at every step along the employee life cycle, starting with recruitment and ending with offboarding.

Don’t waste valuable time with clunky old systems. Keep all employee documents and information centralized and navigable. Here, we’ll run through the key details of employee data management software. We’ll address what it is, what it can do, and the myriad benefits it can bring to an organization.

What is Employee Database Software?

Employee data software is a tool that allows HR teams to securely store, organize, and manage employee data and documents.

This isn’t just the modern, digital equivalent of the old-school paper filing cabinet of days gone by. Instead, software comes with features that streamline HR processes and enhance the relationship between management and employees. With employee tracking, performance management, and digital time-off requests, this software makes it easy to manage huge amounts of employee information.

Best of all, you can use this information to create custom HR reports that will give you insight into your business.

Also known as a human resources information system (HRIS), companies of all sizes are increasingly incorporating this type of software into their organization. Why? Because they know the road to success starts with the effective management of their staff.

Benefits of Employee Data Management Software

Employee data management is no one’s idea of a good time. But software makes for faster, easier, and more effective data management. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Centralized Employee Management

There is, as they say, an app for that. An app for time tracking, an app for performance, an app for time off. However, things can quickly become confusing when an organization spreads employee data across multiple platforms. This system is especially unsustainable for growing companies. As the number of employees increase, so does the confusion.

Employee data management software helps to keep all employee information in one easy-to-access, well-organized digital space.

This approach allows HR to access employee data with the click of a button. The other option is to spread the documents around the organization like Voldemort disseminated his Horcruxes in Harry Potter. But that didn’t turn out well for He Who Must Not Be Named, and it’s unlikely to do much better for your company.

Make Processes More Efficient

What kind of problems might you expect without a centralized documentation system? Missing documents, outdated information, and good old wasted time are just three consequences of an inefficient employee database.

HR can spend many hours managing time-off and expense documents or chasing down the details of an employee. And what does that achieve? Nothing that a well-functioning company wants. Rather than wasting time, employee database management software allows HR to spend its time on higher-value tasks.

Employee database software also makes it straightforward for HR to update documents as and when needed, with just a few clicks. Since the database software will be the only point of access for this information, anyone who views the document will know that they’re viewing the most current and up-to-date version.

This will reduce the confusion that can arise when various documents contradict each other. This is easier to work productively when you’re not second-guessing whether the information you’re using is accurate.

Empower Employees with Employee Portal Software

The right software for employee database won’t just aid HR. It empowers employees. Employees can access their information, make adjustments through an employee self-service portal. With employee data management software, employees can clock in and out directly through the app, submit time-off requests or expense reports, and answer performance review or survey questions. All the relevant information stays in their file.

Self-service through employee portal software saves HR the time it would otherwise spend performing low-value admin tasks such as replying to queries and inputting data. It also drives employee engagement by putting staff in charge of managing their own hours and vacations. This reduces workplace frustration not only for HR, but for the employees they support. Rather than waiting for HR to get around to their question, employees can find answers for themselves.

Without employee portal software, even simple things, like updating an employee’s address, can become unnecessarily complicated. With the software, staff will have instant, secure, and controlled access to the employee database. They can update their information as needed.

Improved data security

You rely on your employees to keep your company’s sensitive data safe. They depend on you to do the same for their data. All organizations hold large amounts of confidential information about their staff. They must ensure that they keep private information just that: private.

Keeping things digital makes it more difficult for them to fall into the wrong hands. However, it is important to prioritize the security of your HR employee database software. If your software doesn’t have a robust security system, information may be compromised. The best employee database software will have multiple protection features that keep the data contained within out of the hands of ne’er do wells.

Factorial’s employee database software comes with impeccable, unbreachable security controls in place, such as data encryption, a security firewall, and proactive vulnerability monitoring.

Leverage HR Data Analytics

Businesses produce enormous quantities of data every day. But seldom do they take advantage of it. Put your employee data to good use.

The best employee database software provides easy access to relevant data that can help generate HR reports and guide strategic decisions. With access to information about all employees past and present, you can analyze everything from turnover rates to productivity and hours worked.

You can use this information to adjust staff-related costs such as expenses and salaries or to adjust your onboarding and training processes. Further, with performance review data, you can design a development plan for employees. Gain insight into your workforce in order to improve it.

Investing in the Right Software

Organizing a company to maximize productivity and boost employee engagement is never easy. But there are ways to make things easier.

Employee database software allows for the development of a smoother relationship between HR and employees, reduces workload, and aids HR report production. More broadly, prioritizing employee data management speaks to a broader commitment to the constructive management of staff — an organizational approach that can lead to a healthy corporate culture and all the competitive advantages that can bring.

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