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HR Training & Human Resources Courses Online – Find the Perfect Fit

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human resources courses online

Whether you’re working in HR and want to improve your performance or you’re thinking about starting a business, you will need access to high-quality resources. That’s probably why you ended up here. If you’re looking for the best human resources courses online, we’ll share with you the top picks here.

Knowing how to select the right people for your team is an incredibly valuable skill. But there’s more to HR than this. The best people in this niche know how to identify possible problems before they cause any damage and know how to keep a team together even when tough times arise.

While most HR professionals use their intuition and empathic abilities to understand the people in their team, they also use a wide array of tools and methods perfected over time. So, if you enjoy working with people, it helps to sharpen your skills by taking a class or two.

As such, we’ll have a look at some of the best HR training and development courses one can take online and offline. We’ll also discuss some of the best resources and how to use their teachings in real-life situations.

Your Human Resources Side-kick

Human Resources Courses Online: Pre-Recorded Classes

If you don’t have the time or the means to attend a regular class, there are lots of high-quality online resources. Below, you can find several popular platforms that have great classes for various skills that will be useful to an HR manager.

This platform offers several paid project management professional courses and certifications that will improve your CV and set of skills. These courses are focused on how a project manager should work with a team and manage a project using the tools at their disposal.

Each course comes with downloadable resources, video materials, and access to a large community that can answer almost any question.

If you’re looking to hone a specific HR skill, this platform has some interesting offers for Business Presentation, Payroll Processing, Client Relations, and other business-related courses. All these can be found under the Business Skills Tutorials section (they are all paid).

This type of online courses allows HR professionals and beginners to brush up on specific skills, which may be more efficient than a general approach.

Oxford Home Study College (OHSC)

If you’re looking for a higher-level education in HR, the OHSC offers a 100% free entry-level HR course, with no strings attached. The course is available online and students receive a certificate of completion at the end.

While it won’t go too deep into the topic, it can be useful to beginners and experienced HR professionals alike. The available resources and information are built around HR management, staff training, and candidate recruitment methods.


This free course teaches students about the recruitment and selection process and offers a statement of participation on completion. After completing it, students will know more about conducting a fair recruitment and selection process and how to avoid getting their personal bias involved in the task.

While it doesn’t go in-depth in the world of HR, the course does offer a lot of useful information for those involved in recruiting new employees. It’s a skill that needs polishing time and time again, especially in a time of change and transformation.


Offered by the University of Minnesota, this is an introductory course in the world of human resources. Its purpose is to teach everyone involved how to develop their own approach for managing employees by teaching different HR management strategies. The course also talks about the legal context and its importance when working with people from all walks of life, motivation, and rewards.

Blogs & Other Resources

For those who don’t want an entire online course, there are other reliable online resources to try. For instance, the FactorialHR blog comes with a diverse series of articles from how to become a better manager to knowing how many people you need and more.

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Human Resources Management Courses: Classes in Real-Time

If you’re looking for a more classical approach to learning, there are several classes you can register to. While most of these are still online, the format is different. The classes take place in real-time, using videoconferencing software.

Wharton University

Designed for mid to senior-level HR professionals, the HR Management and Analytics course is scheduled to start on June 25, 2020. The duration of the course is roughly 2 months. While classes will take place online, students will have direct access to high-level teachers. Additionally, they will receive insight from industry leaders, helping them improve their HR training.


The ILR School platform from Cornell University offers a series of online classes for HR professionals. From management and leadership to recruitment and conflict resolution, the list of classes is quite diverse and interesting.

All classes are led by a human tutor and you will be participating with a limited number of students. At the end of each course, you will receive a certificate backed by Cornell. Add this to your CV too boost your credentials.

HR Training: Human Resources Certification Programs

Human resources professionals have a lot on their plate, regardless of the size of the company that employs their services. It’s also a niche that’s constantly changing, especially now when more people see the benefits of working remotely.

This raises new challenges that require skilled and empathetic HR managers with a desire to continue learning and polish their current set of skills with HR training and development. As such, it’s highly recommended to keep learning. The best way to do this is by enlisting in various human resources courses and classes (paid and free) according to your time and availability.

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Written by: Erika Rykun

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