9 Onboarding Best Practices that Go the Extra Mile

onboarding best practices

Onboarding is one of the most important HR functions, second only to the recruitment process. Companies that pour their energy (and budget) into recruitment but skimp on onboarding will find they quickly lose the talent they have worked so hard to procure. Meanwhile, companies with best onboarding practices improve new hire retention by 82% and … Read more

Writing an HR Incident Report Template

hr incident report template

Accidents and incidents are, unfortunately, relatively common in the workplace, regardless of the industry. From minor workplace incidents to more serious injuries in the workplace, being able to handle these occurrences is crucial. For this reason, it’s important to create an HR incident report template. With this document, events can be documented and investigated where necessary.  … Read more

How Āticco Manages Employees in 6 Locations

manage employees

Irene Vinyals describes Āticco as an innovative ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs.  Within the building, they don’t only share working spaces, but also ideas and inspiration to help them grow both professional and personal projects. Above all, the way they manage employees in the workplace has been key to their success. “What we want is … Read more

Are you Wasting Your Money With Recruitment Software?

recruitment software

An increasing number of hiring managers are using recruitment software for sourcing, attracting, interviewing and hiring new talent. There is a vast range of applications on the market for automating and optimizing the hiring process and, in the right circumstances, they can often help hiring managers monitor and track the recruitment process, streamline the candidate … Read more