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How Crisalix Manage Vacations & Absences [The Simple Tool They Use]

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crisalix manage vacations

Patricia Castro is the HR manager of Crisalix, a solution she describes as one that shows patients what they would look like if they made the decision to have a cosmetic surgery operation. We had the pleasure of speaking with them to find out how they manage their employees’ holidays without complications.

History: The Beginnings of a World Leader in Plastic Surgery

Crisalix is a software for plastic surgeons that simulates the results of a plastic surgery operation through 3D technology. However, it is not only aimed at surgeons, but also at potential patients.

It all started as a doctoral university project by Jaime García Giraldez, director of Crisalix. Now, Jaime’s company is one of the world leaders in this field.


The HR management problem Crisalix ran into was having to organize everything related to the holidays and absences of their employees. The way in which staff could request time off also needed an update to improve efficiency and save time.

Prior to digitizing their HR, they used Excel sheets that they shared among workers. The problem with this method was that it didn’t fully meet all the needs of the department and it slowed down their processes, rather than streamlining them.


When Crisalix tested Factorial’s vacation software they were able to see quickly how much time and money could be saved. Best of all, tracking the amount of holidays an employee had available, the days left, and the team calendar provided a whole new level of visibility on who was in and out of the office. In addition, the calendar display allowed both managers and employees to know when there would be someone on vacation, for how long, whether they were working from home, and more!

“We chose Factorial because for us the most important thing is that the program is visual, intuitive and that it solves the problems that you encounter to manage these topics.”

Crisalix’s Experienced with Implementing Factorial 

Patricia says it was very easy and useful to be able to control the attendance, vacation and absences of their entire team, and both the human resources department and workers implemented the new tool very well.

“All employees quickly created their profiles.”

What they like most about Factorial…

Crisalix’s Human Resources department likes to use the platform offered by Factorial, as well as its staff, says Patricia. In addition, they use the time tracking tool a lot, since the Law in Spain made it mandatory to register the workers’ day.

“We really like to use the platform.”


In addition to solving your problem with holiday and absence management and being able to easily adapt to the Schedule Control Act, Crisalix’s Human Resources department is also making great use of the document manager that includes Factorial, with which they can manage the incorporation of official documents that require electronic signatures, among other things.

“We have gained a lot of time in making these arrangements.”

Many thanks to Patricia Castro and Crisalix for sharing their experience of using Factorial; the information you’ve shared helps other HR managers!

Want to know if Factorial is for you and can solve your problem? You want your story to look like Crisalix’s? Try our software for free for 14 days and find out!

Revolutionize the way you work!

Written by César Laboy

Translated by Tanya Lesiuk




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