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Strategically Optimizing your Online HR Software 

online hr software

An online HR software system is an all-in-one tool to help you manage your HR processes more efficiently and effectively. 

It doesn’t matter where you’re based, nor how big or small the company, running a business requires an enormous amount of time, work and HR management. Having a workforce requires a lot of people management across various areas as well. The management of payroll processes, performance reviews, hiring, holiday requests and much more can pile up fast. Therefore, the need for well-optimized management is of utmost importance. 

Now, with recent advances in technological development, online software for HR has made management functions easier than ever before. However, many businesses are missing out on the benefits of this tool by not optimizing their online HR platforms as efficiently as they could be. It’s for this reason we’ve decided to dive in and share the benefits of strategically optimizing your online HR software. 

How to be more strategic in HR

Strategic management connects the HR department with the company’s strategies, objectives, and goals. By taking a strategic approach to human resources management, a business can become more flexible, innovative, improve business performance and be more organized. 

One way in which the HR department can be more strategic is through the implementation of specialist software. This allows companies to easily automate any HR processes including onboarding, performance management, and time-tracking. Ultimately, this aids and enhances the business’ strategies for future growth. 

Yet, often businesses do not optimize HR solutions to their full potential and so do not reap the full rewards of this innovative tool. Not only can software offer you detailed analyses, but it can also display a plethora of data,  free up time and save you money. 

Using your software to its full capabilities helps streamline operations and provides a measurable benefit in the business. 

Furthermore, training employees to use the software effectively will help optimize their potential. Often employees will have to input personal information and other data into the software. Therefore, it is crucial that it is not only the HR department who know how to work with it. 

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What are the benefits of optimizing online HR software? 

Optimizing online HR systems can mean countless benefits for your HR management team and business on the whole. The benefits of HR software include: 

Performance management 

Human resources software can help in the monitoring of individual employee progress, as well as providing accurate information on their strengths and weaknesses. Performance reviews can be input by line managers so that HR gets a clear overview of exactly how well employees are performing against company standard levels. In this sense, it can also highlight exactly where training is needed in order to boost employee performance. 

Hiring top talent

By optimizing the use of application tracking software, HR departments can filter out the best applicants for the position in question much more efficiently. This type of software is useful as it identifies key educational qualifications, business achievements, experience and more. So, rather than having to sift through hundreds or thousands of CVs and applications, HR managers can utilize these online systems making the hiring process far less time-consuming. 

Freeing up more time 

Once HR platforms are implemented, the need to carry out repetitive, admin-intensive tasks is reduced. As a result, more time is freed up for managers. Yet, often that time isn’t handled or redistributed effectively. So, one way to optimize the use of the software is by making sure that managers know exactly where they will be putting to good use this extra time. 

Reduced costs 

Using online HR software can help a company save money. Automating processes reduce the amount of staff required and, time and resources needed to complete the majority of tasks. What’s more, improved data accuracy by using cloud based systems generally means better decision-making and fewer costly errors. Businesses can maximize the use of this type of software to target additional departmental spending into areas that will deliver the highest efficiency benefits.

Data analysis 

Collecting employee data can open up diverse analytical opportunities. These new opportunities assist the HR department in decision-making across many areas of management. For example, this data can detect what staff turnover rates are across the business, who are the top performers and which employees need further training as well as other support. In order to optimize the data analysis process, all collected information must be inputted correctly. 


In order to optimize the use of time-tracking human resources software, it is important not only to calculate the time for one factor, i.e. payroll. In fact, the potential for time tracking oftware to assist in HR management is huge. You can also track absences, sick leave, time off in lieu, vacation requests and more. The recording of hours not only ensures that businesses are labor law compliant but also provides the company with valuable information on working patterns of staff e.g. the average number of breaks being taken and start/end times.

Optimize your vacation request software

A good example of one of the benefits of putting online HR management software into practice can be seen in relation to employee vacation requests. Vacations are important to employees and these requests, if not organized, processed and managed correctly, become confusing and messy. A great way to save a manager time and employee anxiety is by using cloud based vacation request software. 

By using an automated process, employers can track all vacation requests and their approval of this time with minimal disruption. Software like this also allows you to send notifications and reminders to managers, meaning they can keep track of everything with ease. Not only this, but inputting all this information into an online system immediately frees up time for managers by reducing manual tasks, meaning life runs smoother. 

Human Resources Software – Moving forward…

Online HR software can assist across a number of management areas. If optimized and streamlined to the full, it can enhance your business functions, improving productivity and make your processes run more smoothly. All of this serves to ensure that management and the business, on the whole, are functioning more effectively and efficiently. 

Contributed by Charlotte Stace; Edited by Tanya Lesiuk

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