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Virtual Recruiting Ideas: How to Attract Talent Online

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The labor shortage in the United States has recruiters asking: How can I attract the best talent?,  How can I expand my talent pool? These virtual recruiting ideas are a great place to start.

Given the uncertainty of events since the beginning of the pandemic, experts agree that remote work is here to stay.  As a result, recruiters are looking for ways to adapt to the new digital landscape.

It’s no secret that many companies are already using e-recruitment to some degree.  For instance, the majority of recruiters rely upon social media and online platforms as a means of finding applicants.  As circumstances change and more of the population stays home to work, technology is evolving to meet the needs of employers.

We know that HR is looking for ways of making the most out of technology.  Here you will find everything that you need to know about the latest trends and virtual recruiting ideas.

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What is E-Recruitment?

In short, e-recruitment is the process of hiring candidates with the use of online resources.  The strategies used in e-recruiting are similar to in-person recruitment, but with the advantages of technology.

Some companies are practicing a fusion between in-person and online hiring practices, known as hybrid recruiting.  Others prefer to complete the entire process of recruitment and selection online.

Whatever strategy your company chooses, e-recruitment and e-recruitment software help employers reach more potential candidates. Therefore, recruiting managers find it to be a cost-effective method that reduces the overall time spent acquiring new employees.

E-Recruitment in 4 Steps

The virtual recruiting process is similar to the traditional process of hiring talent.  To make sure that you don’t miss anything, you can download our hiring checklist here! Below are the four essential ingredients to virtual recruiting.

1. Finding Talent Online

The first step in the virtual recruiting process involves attracting prospective candidates for the open position.

Before advertising, recruiters should take time to evaluate both the company’s ideal candidate and their targeted audience.  Good job descriptions include the responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits of the position.

Then, the next step is to pin down the online platform that fits the target talent pool.  In order to market to potential candidates, recruiters might advertise jobs on social media pages, such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Job search engines like and are also popular options.

Once the perfect job description is in place and the online advertising platform is decided upon, it’s time to formally post and attract new team members.

2. Assessing Candidates

Screening the CVs for potential candidates is an important step to selecting the perfect candidate for the position.

Some employers prefer to filter candidates through application questionnaires and tests, while others look to the information on the candidate’s CV.  Depending on the position and requirements, recruiters should decide upon baseline qualifications before shortlisting applicants.

During this process of screening resumes, recruiters should be careful of unconscious bias towards applicants’ race, gender, and sexual orientation.  In order to avoid name, age, and appearance discrimination, consider a blind CV policy.

3. Interviewing

How to conduct an interview? The most important elements to remember are professionalism, friendliness, and candidate research. Background appearance and environment are especially important during online interviews.

To begin the interview, start with a simple introduction about yourself and the company.  This will help to ease tension and give applicants a good initial impression.  Next, you will want to explain the position and the company culture.  When asking questions, remember to make eye contact through the computer camera.

While asking questions about the candidate, it is important to have an understanding of their experience and training beforehand.

4. Hiring and Onboarding

Once the ideal candidate has been selected, it is time to write a job offer!  In order to speed the process, recruiting managers can use an employee offer letter template.

If the offer is accepted, employees can move on to the final step of the hiring process: employee onboarding. The onboarding process is crucial for companies to make new hires feel welcome and integrated into the company culture.

New hires will be positively impacted by overviews of company policies and the overall organization of the company.  In order to ensure a successful transition, take a look at an onboarding checklist.
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Virtual Events to Improve Your Talent Pool

While navigating the initial steps in the e-recruiting process, it’s good to know all of the possibilities to attract new talent.  Hosting a virtual recruiting event is an excellent way to reach out to more job seekers and increase employer brand awareness.  Here are some creative opportunities for your company.

  • Virtual Info Sessions-  These work great when hosting events at universities and colleges.  Invite several representatives from different departments of your organization to answer questions at the event.  The best way to make attendees feel comfortable is by splitting them into smaller groups and break out rooms.
  • A Day in the Office- Virtual office tours are excellent ways to show off your company’s culture to potential talent.  Tours are also a fun and engaging way to give a good first impression of what an average workday looks like at your company.
  • Online Job Fairs- In order to attract top talent, check out universities with qualified studies programs and devote time to campus recruitment initiatives.  Many universities offer online job fairs.  It is an excellent opportunity to scout out recent graduates who are job hunting.
  • Online Workshops- These are excellent ways to market to candidates looking to better their professional skillsets.  They are great ways to spread brand awareness and attract motivated talent who wish to better themselves.
  • Webinars- Here at Factorial HR, we offer webinars about a variety of topics affecting human resources.  This is a great virtual recruiting idea to engage potential hires and discuss new findings in your industry.

How to Attract Diverse Talent

It is well known that diverse and inclusive spaces create a dynamic and creative workforce.  Growth occurs when all perspectives are valued.  Perhaps your company is struggling with attracting diverse talent.  Here are some tips that can help with the process!

  • Write Inclusive Job Descriptions- Words matter! Frequently, the vocabulary used in job descriptions favors qualities that discourage applicants from applying.  Do your best to avoid descriptions that only cater to specific audiences.  If needed, ask for additional opinions.
  • Have Diverse Interview Panels- This is a great way to create an encouraging and positive experience for potential candidates.  Additional perspectives from panel members will help you to recognize and eliminate unconscious biases from the hiring process.
  • Make a Virtual Presentation- Host an online event about diversity and inclusion in your company.  Invite company representatives to share insight about your company’s community and discuss discrimination in the workplace.
  • Stay Active and Stay Informed- Show that your efforts are integrated into your company’s ideology. Make sure that your product and company’s practices fight discrimination inside and outside of your company.

Virtual Recruiting Ideas and Tips

While hosting events and interviews, there are a few virtual recruiting ideas to consider while finding the perfect candidate. Online speaking has a technique of its own! Adopt these virtual recruiting ideas into your strategic plan of action.

  • Determine the Platform- Think about the best platform to use while hosting virtual events or conducting video interviews.  Some platforms, such as skype or google hangout require users to download the platform.  Be sure to give prior notice to applicants and attendees before your scheduled meetings.
  • Remember Backgrounds- While hosting virtual events and conducting interviews, HR professionals know that they are acting as ambassadors for their company’s brand. It is best to find a quiet space and background that conveys professionalism.  Blank walls and bookshelves work well!
  • Make Eye Contact- As mentioned before, eye contact makes listeners feel included in the conversation.  This can help to create a more personal atmosphere in your virtual events and decrease tensions in an interview.  If needed, adjust the height of your webcam to eye level while speaking.
  • Use E-Recruitment Software- This virtual recruiting idea will help to organize all aspects of the hiring process.  From talent acquisition to candidate selection, a talent acquisition platform is a must-have for any company trying to navigate the hiring process.

The Best E-Recruitment Software

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a type of e-recruitment software that streamlines the hiring process from start to finish.    Using an ATS, companies can attract talent by creating custom career web pages and easily publish openings on social media platforms.

ATS allows employers to create customized application pages, store employee documents, and easily visualize candidate data.  With an applicant tracking system, hiring new employees is an intuitive and organized process.

E-recruitment software will make the hiring process more efficient and reduce onboarding costs.  Ultimately, saving time and money, enhancing the candidate experience and the image of your company.

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