How to Boost Your Workplace Flexibility in 2021

Flexibility in the workplace means quickly adapting to changing circumstances and expectations. The concept of workplace flexibility isn’t exactly new—but it’s more important than ever before. With the COVID-19 crisis, flexible work trends are on the rise as employees and employers alike learn to roll with the punches. Fortunately, these changes are in an organization’s … Read more

The Future of Leadership Development – Interview with Marcela Niemeyer

the future of leadership development

In a time of immense transformation, it’s essential to lead efficiently, positively and strategically. The future of leadership development depends on the development of vital competencies, which must be explored and invested in by managers. In this interview, Factorial spoke with Marcela Niemeyer, an experienced Human Resources executive, experienced in leadership development, and who has … Read more

New Bill in California Will Help Abolish Gender Pay Gaps and Racial Pay Disparities

gender pay gap

A new law has recently been passed in California in an attempt to combat the gender pay gap and racial pay gaps within the US. On September 30, the Californian governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 973 (SB 973) into law. This law enforces significant pay reporting requirements. The State Legislature has expressed how California … Read more

USA Federal Holidays 2021

Federal holidays are public holidays created by a country’s federal government and established by law (Federal Law – 5 U.S.C. 6103). The whole country recognizes this day as a holiday. Employees are paid for these holidays and all non-essential federal offices remain closed. This federal holiday 2021 guide will detail each individual holiday and the … Read more

Chart a Path to Success with Workforce Analytics

workforce analytics

Whether you’re overhauling your business plan or simply looking to optimize the day-to-day, gaining insight into your organization’s operations can make a world of difference. Workforce analytics provides the data necessary for efficient workforce strategizing and planning. What, exactly, is workforce analytics? Some organizations may believe that it is simply measuring (headcounts, labor costs, turnover). … Read more