Advanced Human Resources reports – KPIS and Analytics for HR

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With each day, more human resources departments understand the importance of creating reports and gathering their employee’s data to make important decisions. Human resources reports are useful to detect possible opportunities, weaknesses or decide based on objective facts that will help small and medium enterprises make the right choices. Reach all your objectives with proper … Read more

Free template for creating your own Organizational Charts


Often many businesses need to create organizational charts to better understand the internal structure of each department. The problem is that making an organization chart requires a lot of time, design knowledge or a template (usually paid) and is often obsolete as soon as a worker joins or leaves the company. With a free organizational … Read more

Company Culture: Interview with Georgina de Solà, Director of People Operations at Typeform.

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Have you ever heard the term “organizational culture” or “company culture“? A lot has been written about this subject in the last few years and it has been a key ingredient for most successful business ventures, but defining what this is and what it means in terms of performance is a bit more complicated. That’s … Read more