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6 Simple Tools to Boost Workplace Motivation

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Many businesses struggle to create a culture that encourages and engages workers. What is the best way to cultivate workplace motivation? Offering a competitive salary and benefits is a good place to start. But what comes next? It’s time to stop putting inspirational quotes in the breakroom and instead invest in technological tools that are proven to boost employee engagement. Supporting workers is sure to pay off in the long run; as motivated employees are more satisfied, productive, and innovative.

The implementation of effective processes and technologies is key for cultivating a motivated workforce. In this post, we’ll cover the 6 technological advancements in the workplace which are driving employees to reach for the stars.

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What is Workplace Motivation?

Workplace motivation is a combination of factors that promote energy and a desire to succeed among employees. Maintaining employee motivation poses a serious challenge for organizations that don’t understand the subtleties of making employees feel valued and engaged.

Experts agree it is important for motivation that managers don’t micromanage and nit-pick, but rather create an atmosphere of trust and support. Further, it boosts motivation when teams set clear goals and then celebrate their wins. Offering opportunities for career growth, emphasizing the impact of employee actions on the business, and taking employee feedback seriously all help to motivate employees. But is it enough?

Technology is key to creating a positive employee experience. Employee engagement isn’t only about fostering a supportive atmosphere in the workplace. It is also about improving work conditions and giving employees the resources they need to effectively perform their duties, focus on their work, and overcome daily obstacles.

Technological tools also help managers communicate more clearly with employees, set and track expectations, and manage employee performance. In short, they help businesses to run more efficiently and effectively. With the resources to put their best foot forward, employees will be equipped to lead the business to success.

Technologies Improving Workplace Motivation

If you are ready to motivate workers, here are our top technologies for boosting not only employee productivity but satisfaction.

Automation Tools

If there are technological tools that will do the most tedious parts of your employee’s job, why are you still making them do it? Stop bogging your workers down with repetitive tasks that a machine can do and let them focus on more strategic decisions that require a human’s creativity.

Automating routine tasks like payroll, time tracking, and shift management will free up time for both management and employees. Studies show that workers view the free time provided by automation as an opportunity to make more meaningful contributions. This is not only the work that carries businesses to success, but also the work that employees find most motivating.

Streamlined Onboarding

Start off on the right foot. Your onboarding process is the first experience the new hires will have at your organization. Make sure your onboarding process is flawlessly designed to show off your company values, provide up-to-date information, and get the newest member of your team up and running.

With onboarding software, businesses can streamline their processes with task flows which take employees through all the information they need to know. E-signature capabilities mean all important documents can be signed digitally and archived for safe-keeping. Finally, having a great onboarding process shows that your business isn’t stuck in the past, but willing and able to invest in tools that benefit its workers.

Goal-Setting and Tracking Tools

Annual performance reviews are so out of date! Rather than checking in with employees once in a blue moon, many employers are offering feedback on a more regular basis. To gain real insight into your business and push employees to do their best, performance management software is a must.

With these tools, organizations can clearly define goals and motivate employees to do their best. Managers can offer feedback, ask employees for a self-assessment, or open a dialogue about areas of improvement. Performance tracking will help employers see where employees need support and where they are exceeding expectations.

Facilitated Training

Opportunities for training, upskilling, and career growth are fundamental to cultivating workplace motivation. Your business must take advantage of technological tools that will help employees develop and grow. This will not only give your business a fleet of skilled employees ready to take on any challenge. It will also make employees feel more valued and more invested in their work.

Make training materials accessible with a document manager and create document workflows that will take users seamlessly from one piece to the next. Play around with an organizational chart that shows all your employees and their positions to spot gaps and possible positions employees can train for.

Coordination & Communication Tools

Be honest with yourself. How many hours have your employees spent emailing HR, their supervisors, and their team members to coordinate time off, report expenses, or ask for scheduling changes? With holiday and absences software, expense tracking, and shift managers, employees can make requests digitally. Supervisors can approve or reject vacations, report expenses, or shift changes on their own time.

Reducing wasted time is good for business and even better for employee satisfaction. Employees want employers to treat their time as valuable. Coordinating logistics digitally means there is less frustrating back-and-forth and bureaucracy— and more real motivation.

Analytics for Workplace Motivation

Let’s say that you implemented all the previously mentioned technological advancements in the workplace. Congratulations! Your workforce is more motivated than ever. How motivated, exactly? Take advantage of custom HR reports and data analytics to see how your policies are affecting employees. Gain insight into everything from your employees’ time off data to attendance to performance. Further, tracking progress will help show snags in the plan or celebrate wins along the way.


Motivated Employees- Benefits

Why invest in workplace motivation? Because there are a lot of benefits that come with a motivated workforce. We’ve already shown you six tools to support employee engagement— now we’ll give you six reasons to implement them.

  • Boost Productivity

Motivated employees are more productive. Outsourcing tasks to technological tools means that employees have more time and energy to focus on their work.

  • Increase Innovation

In short, employee well-being drives innovation. When employees have the technological tools they need to do their job well, they have more mental space to think up big ideas.

  • Reduce Absenteeism

Highly engaged teams show a 41% reduction in absenteeism. That’s because engaged employees are excited to show up to work and do a great job.

  • Minimize Turnover

Replacing workers is bad for business. Instead of losing employees, hold on to your top performers by tracking their progress and celebrating their wins.

  • Improve Communication

In order to be successful, team members need to stay in contact. Whether it’s about goals, workflows, or responsibilities, communication is always key. Motivated employees check in more regularly with their teams and supervisors through technological tools. This keeps things moving on the right track.

  • Cultivate a Strong Brand

Improving workplace motivation creates an environment that employees are excited to work in. That will improve the company’s image and brand, which will in turn make it easier to recruit top talent.

In conclusion, if your business takes workplace motivation seriously, invest in the technological tools to keep your workers seriously motivated.

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