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How Factorial Transformed HR Processes at Fever

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Fever has been dedicated for seven years to the promotion, sales and production of leisure experiences and events; they are the leading company in the digitization of the so-called “experience economy”. They help more than 40 million people find the best local leisure experiences in their cities each month and help organizers and promoters create original content around these events.

We spoke with Santiago Santamaría, Global Communications Lead of Fever, and asked them to explain how they have managed to streamline their processes, improving employee productivity thanks to Factorial.


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What is Fever

The company started at the end of 2013, based on the idea that people divide their time between sleeping, working or studying, and having fun. They saw that everyone spent money on rent, transportation, and enjoyment, but there wasn’t the technology to facilitate the ‘enjoyable’ experiences that people were looking for. After recognizing this gap in the market, Fever was born in 2014.

“If we spend an average of $250 a month on ‘fun’, Netflix only costs 10$, so there was a large space as there was no platform for experiences.”

Fever’s HR Challenges

They encountered 3 main problems: lack of organization, a focus on manual processes, and low visibility into HR metrics globally.

“For the type of company we are it was necessary to look for a way to improve work productivity and our HR management.”

Before they had Factorial, their organization and work processes were very manual. Mail was used for almost everything and none of their documentation was centralized. This often reduced visibility and made it difficult to access certain past information and data.

“The goal was to find an application where you could solve all those problems at once, and which allowed the people involved to have greater visibility.”

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Factorial’s Solution to Fever’s Problems

Thanks to Factorial, they managed to integrate all their manual processes into one through the same tool. Now, they no longer need to send thousands of emails back and forth to manage their HR; and, best of all, the objective to improve productivity within the team was met.

“Factorial has given us the possibility to centralize our HR into the same tool:  document management, management of absences and holidays and the uploading of documents and sharing of  internal communications through Factorial make our day to day much easier.”

Santiago Santamaría shared that having all the employee information on the same platform changed everything. In fact, visibility into certain things is now not only a matter of HR, but team leaders also have complete visibility and can access information that is essential to them, all thanks to the various permissions that can be configured in the Factorial app.

How to Improve Productivity in an Organization 

According to Fever, the process of implementing Factorial was surprisingly quick and simple. The way of how to improve productivity in an organization is sometimes as simple as putting in the ‘work smarter, not harder’ mentality.

“Factorial’s interface is extremely intuitive and simple, so a process that usually takes weeks to implement took just days.”

What Fever like most about Factorial

In Santiago’s opinion, HR software has to be intuitive, complete and easy to handle for both the company and the employee.

“There are many software solutions that have a couple of very good features, but the rest are not well developed or even offered. In our case, we chose Factorial because it covers all our HR needs and because it is very simple to use and configure.”

In addition, Fever shared that the fact Factorial’s software adapted to the different countries where they are located was key to making the final decision to use Factorial’s software. In this way, they have all countries connected without using multiple platforms to organize their Human Resources departments.

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On the assistance provided to improve work productivity

“At all times, the support offered to us has been good and very attentive. Once we collected all the information, we simply had to bulk upload it to the app and we were able to start working.”

They claim that the support team was aware of any incidents that may occur during the company onboarding to the platform, and to this day, the high level of assistance remains the same.


When we asked Fever if Factorial had improved or affected other processes within the HR department, they replied with, “Of course it did!”

“Thanks to Factorial we have made the processes more agile and that has improved the productivity of the Human Resources department. Having everything in one place helps a lot to make management faster but also helps improve team productivity and the quality of our work.”

In addition, they know that it has also been positive for workers to have their employee data centralized: payroll summaries, communications, vacation, personal and contractual information, and more.

Thanks to Fever for sharing their story with us. We love hearing ways in which Factorial helped improve team productivity, streamline HR processes, and support companies as they grow. Want to share your story? Reach out to us!

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