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Enhanced Talent Acquisition

Enhanced Talent Acquisition

Make informed hiring decisions and increase the changes finding top talent.

Modernized and Efficient HR Processes

Modernized and Efficient HR Processes

Start focusing on more strategic and high-priority tasks.

HR Analytics and Predictive Insights

HR Analytics and Predictive Insights

Bring innovation to the table with tools that have an impact on wellbeing and your business.

Intuitive AI talent recruitment

How many applications do you receive daily? With Factorial AI, there's no more wasting time organizing and screening resumes and filtering candidates for a first interview. Connect with the candidates who truly match the job description. And there's more. We optimized our talent pool to help fill your positions as quickly as possible. Finding the candidate of your dreams will no longer be a nightmare.

Competencies AI

Empower Roles with Custom Competency Descriptions

Suggest competencies based on a role, create new competency descriptions and assign them to any role.

Automatically suggest and assign key competencies to each role and level
Create accurate descriptions for new competencies
Enhanced accuracy and consistency across roles and competences

Effortless Document Summaries

Automatically generate summaries of lengthy documents, highlighting key information, insights, and findings.

Summarize lengthy documents into comprehensive paragraphs
Extract relevant information instantly
Separate chaff from grain in documentation analysis

Hyper-automated Reports

Need to know how many people you have on your marketing team or the gender distribution of your company? Generate a report just by asking in plain language what you need!

Make data-driven decisions with improved insights and transparency
Boost resource efficiency by eliminating the need for data analysis
Save time and alleviate concerns throughout your company

Less numbers, more meaningful insights

Remove the burden of tedious manual tasks and streamline your daily operations, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on getting the best out of your employees.

Convert raw data into actionable insights
Analyze employee's data instantaneously
Create advanced reports without technical knowledge

Hiring your dream candidate will never be a nightmare again

Check out how much you can save


reduction on cost per hire

14 hours

saved a week


of time saved on the recruiting process

Here's what we have in the works

Take a look at the extraordinary things you could do

Extract relevant information from resumes and automatically tag them with the appropriate skills and competencies
Optimize your talent pool and see who’s a great match as soon as you create the job listing
Find the perfect candidates with our semantic search system for job applications

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