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How to Keep Track of Employees’ Time and Attendance [Free Template]

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Monitoring employee’s hours is one of the most basic functions of the human resources department. In this post, we’ll share with you the details of how to keep track of employee hours easily, by using a comprehensive system that makes time tracking simple for both you and your employees. If you’ve been struggling with other tools or are tired of using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything, stay tuned. We’ll offer up a solution to all your timekeeping woes, and share with you an employee attendance tracker free template from Factorial. 

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Times are changing; are you using the best tools to keep up?

Time & Attendance Tracking: Stay up to date!

Back in the day, managing the time and attendance of employees was considered a simple task. Workers would come in every morning and punch the time clock. At the end of their workday, they would repeat this action and then go home. However, times have changed. Nowadays people are seeking a more fulfilling work-life balance, and as a result, their schedules are becoming more flexible. These flexible working arrangements are more common than ever before. Therefore, there is a greater demand for time tracking systems that can accommodate these new working conditions.

Why is it important to use the right time tracking tools?

The simple answer to this question is for accuracy and better record keeping. One of the most common questions of HR managers is, ‘How do I track employee attendance in a more flexible and automated way to increase accurate record-keeping?’

With the new concept of flexible working hours, it has become crucial to find the right system to keep an accurate registration of your employees’ hours. Finding the right time and attendance solutions are crucial. Nevertheless, more often than not, the task of entering one’s hours are neglected. The result of this is that the hours are often left unrecorded in any system. Workers rely on their notes, paper timesheets, email history, and agenda to keep track of time. We all know how reliable these systems are; not very. Also, this type of time tracking is notorious for falling short when it comes to accuracy. Human error is not known to perform at optimum all the time, and neither should we expect it to.

Accurate Record Keeping

To reduce human error it is essential you invest in tools that automate time tracking and improve record keeping. Using the proper tools is the best way to guarantee accuracy in record keeping. Gone are the days of massive binders full of time cards, Excel spreadsheets, and not to mention the hours of tedious time required to calculate employee hours before payday. Employee attendance software simplifies the process of tracking time. 

Improve your organization, the accurateness of record-keeping, and more. With Factorial, we’ll show you how you can create a time and attendance tracking system for employees.

Create an Excel Time Tracking Template (Step-by-Step)

Microsoft Excel is a program that can be used to create a time and attendance sheet for your employees. To start, you will need to install the Microsoft Excel software on your computer. Keep in mind that this is a paid program that can only be used for a limited time unless your company buys the corresponding license. If you do not have access to this software, you can utilize an alternative program such as Google Sheets.

    1. Create a new Excel file and give it a relevant name so that it can easily be found and recognized. An example would be, Time and Attendance [name of employee] [name of month].
    2. Enter relevant information such as the name of the employee, employee number, department and manager.
    3. Create five columns below the information that you have entered in the spreadsheet. These columns can be used for the date, start and end times as well as the total amount of hours worked. The last column can be used for time off, comments or other relevant information that you would like to include.
    4. Lastly, you can add a formula that counts the number of hours that are entered into the spreadsheet.

Do you want to save time?

We are not going to lie, entering data in Excel can become a tedious task and can take up a lot of precious time. Whether you are looking for reliable automated time and attendance software or want to speed up the process of time-tracking, there is a solution for you.

Our cloud-based time and attendance feature revolutionize the way HR operates; helping you improve your workforce management. Employees can enter the hours worked with just the click of a button. At the end of the month, managers can review and approve timesheets. There is also the option to download a monthly report. This report summarizes the valuable data so you can keep better track of employee hours and control labor costs. The risk of wrong calculations is eliminated and time is saved.

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Free Time and Attendance Template

Save yourself the headache of managing employee hours and let Factorial keep you on track with its time attendance software.

Download the Time and Attendance Template Free for your medium or small business. Manage your employee’s hours with ease from a desktop or mobile device; all in real-time. 


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