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If you want to offer an insurance in your company, Factorial does it for you. Fast and easy. We have the best deals with the main insurers.

Employee Health and Dental Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most wanted insurances by workers. It offers priority attention on the best hospitals in the country. It includes dental insurance and has no copayments or vesting periods. The insurance simplifies the daily life of the employees, improves the employer branding of the company and also, it has interesting tax savings for company and employee. Did you know that you can offer medical insurance at no cost for your company?

Best pricings

The private health insurance that you access to with Factorial will always have a better price and better conditions. By being able to negotiate in a group including all the companies that are part of Factorial, insurers offer us better deals.

Protect the employees

All the insurance plans that you offer through Factorial have interesting tax savings for the company and the employee. We have agreed the best conditions so that you only have to worry about what really matters, the tranquility of your team.

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