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health insurance

Employee Health and Dental Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most wanted insurances by workers. It offers priority attention on the best hospitals in the country. It includes dental insurance and has no copayments or vesting periods. The insurance simplifies the daily life of the employees, improves the employer branding of the company and also, it has interesting tax savings for company and employee. Did you know that you can offer medical insurance at no cost for your company?

Accident insurance for companies

Accidents at work are a very serious issues. Unfortunately we can not predict an accident but there are ways to protect workers and their families. In case of an accident, trust the best insurer and make your employee feel protected and backed up at all times. If you want to hire accident insurance for companies contact us and we will attend with no-obligation.

accident insurance
life insurance

Life insurance for workers

You can also offer life insurance to the company’s workers. All the insurance plans that you offer through Factorial have interesting tax savings for the company and the employee. We have agreed the best conditions so that you only have to worry about what really matters, the tranquility of your team.

Insurance for vehicles: car and motorcycle

In many SMEs workers need vehicles to work or move around. We can offer you the best car, motorcycle or truck insurance if you need it. Contact Factorial and we will propose the insurance that best suits your company. These insurances deduct corporate taxes for the company which means great tax savings for your business too.

car motorbike insurance
company insurance

Insurance for the company

Protect your business and make sure everything important is safe with a good insurance for your company. The company insurance offered by Factorial in collaboration with the best insurers guarantee the protection of your entire business. Do not let a eventualities affect the productivity of your company and always offer the best to your customers.

Home Insurance for Employees

Home insurance is one of the most choosen insurance for companies and individuals. Offering home insurance as part of the salary received by the employees is a great tax saving for the company and is perceived as a great incentive by employees. Improving compensation with benefit plans increases productivity, facilitates recruitment processes and is a very good reason for employees to stay in the company.

home insurance
pension retirement plans

Pension plans

Retirement plans mean betting for the future of the workers. They are another way of flexible compensation and it helps retaining talent in the company. Ensure the retirement of employees and save costs to the company by offering to the employee pension plans. Contact Factorial and we will manage this for you with no management fees nor obligation

Liability insurances

It is difficult to control 100% of what happens in your company. An unsatisfied customer, an error, a complaint ... are complicated situations. Protect yourself against any eventuality by hiring a liability insurance. Liability insurance is mandatory for your company. If you don’t have one yet or want better conditions, we will advise you with no obligation.

liability insurances
insurances for freelance


If your company collaborates with freelances you can also offer special insurance for freelance. Benefits for freelances help reduce staff turnover and maintain long-term working relationships. If you want more information about insurance for self-employed, contact us.