Manage the employee's compensation

Managing the basic, variable and flexible compensation is basic for understanding each employee’s evolution on the company. Discover what Factorial can do for you.

Manage the employee's compensation

The employee’s compensation is their first reason to keep working each day. Aspects such as the working environment, the absenteeism in the office or talent retention are linked to the remuneration offered by each company. With Factorial it is possible to optimize and monitor the salary of the employees to know in depth how they evolve in the company.

Variable remuneration

Providing incentives to employees based on the goals of each team is increasingly common. Variable compensation allows you to motivate employees to keep meeting objectives. Reward your effort and keep the team together and committed.

Flexible Compensation

Optimizes the salary of workers with Flexible Compensation by offering the employee a portion of their salary through products or services. Thanks to flexible compensation the employee receives the same money at the end of the month but pays much less taxes. By law employees can receive up to 30% their salary through in-kind remuneration.

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