Factorial Corporate Cards: Manage expenses smarter

Forget about juggling with several tools to manage your company’s expenses. Discover how to manage your company´s spending in a smart and time-efficient way with Factorial Cards.

Trusted by more than 8,000 companies in over 65 countries

Your payments are faster than ever!

Make fast payments by adding your card to Apple/Google Wallet from the Factorial mobile app

Avoid long waits: You no longer have to wait 4-5 working days to get your physical cards delivered to your address. Now, in a matter of seconds, you can pay using your virtual card.
Pay on the go: Add physical and virtual cards into your wallets and forget about physical cards. You can pay on the go just with your mobile!

Can you imagine automating your Expense Management Processes?

Upgrade from inflexible bank credit cards to smart and secure Factorial Cards. They are easily adaptable to your business needs and they allow you to always keep an eye on your employees’ expenses in real-time.

Automate expense management
Set limits for each card
Activate and deactivate cards when needed
Make secure payments
Get instant notifications

Virtual has never been so real. Factorial Virtual Cards are here!

Pay faster & pay better. Discover Factorial Virtual Cards, ideal for online payments.

Faster payments: Each time a Manager issues virtual cards for their employees, they can see it instantaneously on their Factorial mobile app.
One color, one purpose: Choose an alias and a color to use your Factorial Virtual Card for an specific project, team or event. Cool right?

Factorial Expenses, in numbers:

What will you gain from expense management besides security, peace of mind, and time?

10 mins

10 minutes less per ticket, is 10 minutes more for you.

27 hours

On average, our expense management software saves you 27 h/month.


More than 500 companies use our expense control software.

Powerful for Managers

Take control of your company´s spending and save time with Factorial Cards.

Virtual & Physical Cards

Chose between physical or virtual cards. Set up one card per employee if needed and manually configure custom spending amounts.

Automate Expenses

Receive a notification in the app or by email every time an employee registers an expense, and approve or deny it in seconds.

Gain control!

Have a global overview of all the cards per employee. Easily activate or deactivate them on your dashboard.

Easy for Employees

Keep track of your own expenses, access an overview of what have you spent at any time, and see if & why your expenses have been approved or rejected.

Say goodbye to out-of-pocket expenses

Never again ask your employees to pay out of their own pockets.

Real time expense tracking

Access and check the status of your expenses at any time. Get notified when your expenses get approved.

Save time & energy

Forget about wasting time filling expense reports every month (or week).

All for Finance and Accounting

Factorial Expenses already gathers all the information about the payments made by your employees in one place, but with Factorial Cards, you get even more! Why choose another when you can have it all with us?

Automatic notifications

Receive automatic notifications about the movements of the funds in your account.

Valuable business insights

Link the expenses made to your current projects and recognize the ones that bring you value and the ones that don´t.

Expenses reports

Access your expense dashboard inside reports, to identify the areas where your company is spending more money.

Ready. Steady. Pay.

Only 4 steps to activate your Factorial Cards.

1. Fund your Account

1. Fund your Account

Create your funding account and receive an IBAN to perform top-ups.

2. Create your Cards

2. Create your Cards

Start creating cards for different purposes and set limits.

3. Automate Expenses

3. Automate Expenses

Track every purchase and reflect them on Factorial Expenses.

4. Save time!

4. Save time!

Relax while we do the work for you with an optimized workflow.

All you need to know about Factorial Expenses

Save time and money with our expense management software.

Expense automation

Expense automation

Enable employees to use cards and save hours of work by not having to fill expense claims manually. Get notified instatly on each expense.

Set limits

Set limits

Create a different card for each purpose. Set budgets and modify limits to have more control over your employees’ expenses.

On and Off

On and Off

You can temporarily freeze your employees’ cards when they are on leave, or you can cancel them at any point if the card gets lost/stolen.

Virtual and Physical cards

Virtual and Physical cards

Optimize your expense management by creating virtual or physicall cards that can be added to digital wallets.

Secure payments

Secure payments

Safety is a priority for us. Each Factorial Card has a unique number that will be never stored on our servers.

Cancel anytime

Cancel anytime

A funding account is only necessary to create cards. You will still be able to manage expenses manually.

Choose Factorial

Manage your team's working time, vacations, payroll and talent in one place and in a matter of seconds. It's not magic, it's Factorial.

Why Factorial?

Find out for yourself.

We give you a period to try our Human Resources software for free and check the time you can save with your own eyes (or see it on your watch, rather).

If after that time you decide to go with Factorial, the best thing is that you can leave whenever you want. Our software has no permanence, but there are many reasons for you to want to stay.

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