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gym sports employee company

A gym for every employee of the company

Offer access to the best gyms and sports centers in Spain. Without any additional cost for the company, the employee will be able to access hundreds of gyms in his city, near the office and his home. Worker’s welfare affects the productivity of the company so don’t wait too much and start moving. Be healthy!

Team building and robust teams

One of the main handicaps of the human resources department is to get robust teams and a good working climate at the office. Organize team building activities and group dynamics and let each employee reach the best version of himself. Sport reduces work stress and creates indestructible teams.

steam building robust teams
fruits vegetables company

Fruits and veggies for the company

Fresh fruits and veggie snacks for employees are the base of the healthy worker pyramid. At the end of the week opting for a healthy snack makes the difference. Employees who maintain a healthy diet are less likely to be depressed and suffer from stress. Did you know that it’s possible to receive fresh fruit and vegetables weekly at the office?

Massages and relax for employees

If workers spend hours sitting down in front of the computer, carrying weight or repeating the same movements every day they may need a little help to recover healthy postures. Offering massages at the office is quite easy and will help employees spend more time in their jobs and decrease the amount of sick leaves on the team.

massages relax employees company

Do not retain talent, let employees want to stay.

Benefits for employees are part of the remuneration that the workers receive, improving their quality of life and making them a little happier. At Factorial we offer employee wellness plans that include gym, massages, group activities and health starting from 0 € for the company. Hundreds of activities of all kinds for beginners, amateurs and real athletes.