HR Study 2021 - A Year in Review | Factorial

What impact did 2021 have on HR?

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Remote working and accelerated digitization: these are the new norms and challenges for HR departments and companies post-pandemic.

The Factorial team gained valuable insight into a variety of topics such as: How have companies coped with these changes? What challenges have they faced? As well as addressing other topics such as the gender pay gap and salary differences across job roles.

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An overview of the study's participants

+4.000 Companies

Thousands of organizations, including small and medium-sized companies from different sectors, have shared with us how the HR industry has changed in 2021.

+700 HR professionals

HR managers and specialists, team leaders, operations staff, and even IT teams, all professionals in charge of managing the employee life cycle (recruitment, hiring, onboarding, training, offboarding) are included in this study.

11 Countries

Companies from all over the world have participated, from North America to Europe and Latin America.

How did 2021 impact HR in the United States?

Below you will be able to see the data, graphs and conclusions corresponding to the US HR Study. To see the global data, download the full study.

Digital Transformation

Digitization takes over in 2021

The US population spends a quarter of the day connected to the Internet. The 2020 confinement  accelerated its usage and, currently, the number of mobile phones exceeds the population with over 380 million lines in use.

90% digital adoption in the United States

Workplace stress

Stress has affected productivity levels

The pandemic has increased workplace stress levels by 33.3%. 

The uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis has generated work stress and 29.3% of employees believe that this has negatively affected productivity in their companies.

The profile of the HR professional

More women than men in HR positions

Among the voluntary participants in this study, 61.7% identified as females working in HR, while 38.3% identified as males.

The HR profile is about equality. However, when we talk about management positions, more than 2,500 male employees earn up to $60,000 a year, while women receive salaries well below that amount.