Download your Time and Attendance free template

Having control of your employee's working hours is not only very important for your productivity, but it is also a legal obligation.

If you are looking for a Time & Attendance solution for your company, we have created a ready-to-print PDF template that will help your employees to record their daily working hours and breaks.

Free Time & Attendance Template

Do you want an improved version of a PDF template?

Factorial's software allows you to automate and digitize your company's Time & Attendance. This means:

  • You will be able to choose between several methods; on your computer, in the Mobile App, with a QR code and / or by Slack.
  • Easy and intuitive Clock in and Clock out for.
  • Possibility of reviewing the hours worked of your teams.
  • Clear display of overtime and hours balance.
  • Extraction of reports with the resulting data.
  • And much more!