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Time off

Automate your employee absence management with Absence and Vacation Management Software, keeping everything up-to-date.

Gain visibility on the total number of days employees have used, and how many more are available.

Time Tracking

Maintain compliance with time-tracking laws

Review employee shift, add comments and have control over the tracking of overtime hours.


Attract top talent with your clear and customized job portal

Our ATS software lets you manage the selection process of new candidates, from selection, hiring, onboarding, and beyond.

Manage Documents

Store all the documents of your company in the safest way; on-line. Contracts, sick leaves, personal information; Create unique folders and make it easy to send any document at any time.

Performance Management

Know where your employees are, performance-wise, so you can make better decisions.

Onboarding Process

We provide an automatic and personalized onboarding plan to help you better integrate new employees into your team and optimize your employer branding