Restaurant tickets and cheques for employees

Offer restaurant checks as part of employee compensation. Save time, money and engage with the employees. 

Benefits for employees

Meal vouchers are benefits that an employee can receive monthly as part of their flexible compensation. For the company means saving time and money and simplifies the administrative management of the diets and team expenses.

Great restaurant network

Access to the largest network of restaurants near the employee's workplace. Healthy food accessible for everyone that employees can pay using their restaurant tickets. Today sushi or salad?

Paying food easily

Paying in hundreds of restaurants and food courts attached to the gourmet check network is very simple. Each employee will have a personal card with the balance available to pay for their meal. No need to save tickets, store them or send them to a supervisor.

Tax Saving - Flexible compensation

Like any other in kind compensation, the meal vouchers mean a great tax saving for the company and employees. By paying a part of the employee's salary as flexible compensation, the law allows the company and the worker to obtain tax advantages. You can offer restaurant checks in your company easily and with no cost thanks to Factorial.

Gourmet check

The Gourmet check is the best option to pay for the employee's food. Accepted in every restaurant and dining rooms without prior reservation and with the possibility of delivery. Paying with the gourmet check card offers the employee interesting tax savings by being exempt from personal income tax and to the company, since they can deduct the 100% of the cost.

The gourmet check card for employees

Each month employees will have a balance on their gourmet card with which they can pay at any food establishment they want. It is the easiest way to pay for food near the office without having to process all tickets manually. Top up  the employees card, with the amount they want and ready.

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