Travel card for employees

Simplify the employee commutings with travel passes. By offering transportation tickets as flexible pay the employee pays less for their commutes and his salary increases.

Travel tickets for employees

The employee will own a card to pay their commutes to the office. The cost of this travels will be taken from the employee salary. Receiving part of their salary through flexible compensation, the employee will pay less taxes and the company will have interesting tax savings too. Travel passes are one of the most appreciated benefits for employees.

Valid card for public transport

Travel card are compatible with every transport network in your city. Metro, bus, tram, bicycles, trains... or any other transportation method needed by the employees. The transport ticket is compatible with any type of ticket and  in any transport company.

Interesting tax savings

Take advantage of the tax savings that the law grants to the companies and the employees. When an employee receives part of their salary as flexible remuneration interesting tax saving may apply to the workers. In addition, the company can deduct from its taxable base any amount delivered to its employees in concept of transportation as if it were any other type of cost.

The greenest option

Using public transport is the most environmentally friendly option to get around on a daily basis. Encourage the use of public transport among employees of your company and help them to cope with this cost by offering a transportation cards. Take care of employees, the planet and your business.

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