Human Resources software

With the goal of optimizing the HR management and improving decision-making, we’ve created a software that will fix all of these problems. You can manage Holidays, absences, documents, analyse your company's data, and much more!

Labor Consulting Services

Factorial's business model is based on our job counseling service. Thanks to our team of experts, you will no longer have to worry about administrative procedures, they will take care of everything: payslips, registrations, terminations, settlements, models 111 and 190, etc. Unfortunately, today this service is only available in some countries.

How is Factorial born?

Most of the functions of HR managers end up repeating again and again. It is in these slow and repetitive processes, where Factorial was born with the goal of solving all these problems through software and a labor consultant service.
After an in-depth analysis on the role of HR manager in an SME, we conclude that 80% of the day is spent on cumbersome and repetitive tasks and only 20% invests in building a robust business culture and Increase productivity and employee satisfaction.
We want to turn around these percentages and offer tools that allow the human resources manager to take control of their day to day, leaving aside heavy administrative tasks so that it can reinforce productivity and take care of employees of the business.

We are working to change the way companies build human teams.

Meet the Factorials team

The definition of Factorial

Factorial numbers represent values with which we identify ourselves in Factorial. The factorial property is a mathematical function that reflects the growth in pure state, the superlative of an exponential function. Factorial talks about corporate growth, employees in In continuous development and robust corporate cultures.