More than 60.000 companies trust our HR software. Want to know why?

Factorial is the all-in-one software that helps you to manage time, talent and documents in one centralized system; saving you time, eliminating mistakes and leading you to success.

Why Factorial?

Save time, money, and worries managing all your HR processes in one single place.

Make better business decisions.

Put your people data to use with HR reports about time tracking, time off, recruiting, and more.

Choose the plan that suits you best.

We have plans for all budgets. Each plan has a free trial period of 14 days. We adapt to your needs, not the other way round.

Cancel anytime.

Want to cancel? You can do so whenever you like. We would love for you to stay, but only if you want to. And we are sure you will.

Over 60.000 companies already used Factorial! Not bad, right?

Save 30 hours/month for administrative tasks.
95% of the users give Factorial rave reviews.
Our average Capterra evaluation is 4.6 /5 *

Do you need to manage documents?

Digitize documents. Automate evaluations. Check your expenses.

Documents and e-signatures.

Manage documents in the safest, fastest, and most legally-compliant way. While saving yourself a headache.

How to manage documents

Reports and analytics.

Track your employees' development to make better decisions. Help them grow and grow with them.

Create reports & track analytics

Payroll & Expenses

Manage and share everything that impacts your company's payroll and therefore your peace of mind.

Manage payroll & expenses

Do you need to manage time?

Track your time. Approve absences. Plan shifts.

Time Tracking

Assign your projects to shifts and confirm your working hours with a few clicks and one huge smile.

How to better track time

Time Off

Our time-off tracking software allows you to manage your employee's absences. And also regain your peace of mind.

Time-off tracking software

Shift Management

Know and manage your employees' shifts together with the hours they rest. They need it. You need it.

How to optimize shift management

Do you need to manage talent?

Manage onboardings. Attract new talent. Take care of your team.

Employee Onboarding

Personalize and automate every onboarding process in a fast and simple way so that your welcome is unforgettable.

Improve employee onboarding

Recruitment & Career page

Improve your recruiting process and build a career page that attracts more candidates. Good people attract good people.

Recruit the perfect candidates

Performance Management

Create employee performance reviews to gain insights, support employee development, and make better decisions.

Better manage employee performance

Factorial Professionals.

A product to keep you and your payroll provider on the same page.

Factorial Professionals helps you and your accountant be 100% aligned during the payroll process.

Centralize and monitor the status of your payroll incidences.
Say goodbye to endless emails and phone calls about payroll.
Automate the management of payroll between you and your accountant.

Let’s schedule a meeting to show you how Factorial works.

In less than 30 minutes we will show you how you can digitize employee management with Factorial and optimize your day-to-day.

Speed up and simplify HR processes to focus on your people.
Improve the management of your team, reduce structural costs and improve decision making.
Give your employees access to all their personal information, documents, and other features through their own profiles.
Save yourself time, money, and worries.
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Perfect for my people

highly automatized, fast, allows you to quickly register and and edit settings while still knowing the status of each individual employee.