Synchronize employee data from Factorial to Rzilient
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What is Rzilient?

Rzilient centralizes and simplifies the management of your equipment and software from a single platform. By reconciling the coordination between HR, IT and Finance, the platform automates all IT tasks, from onboarding to offboarding. Teams save time, energy and budget.

What are the benefits of the integration?

This integration enables smooth communication and data synchronization between rzilient and Factorial.

1. Avoid data entry and communication errors between HR and IT. Enter the new employee's details on Factorial as usual, then automatically retrieve them on the rzilient platform.

2. Equipment to meet your new employee's needs is automatically ordered or taken from your stock. They are then configured with the preselected applications and tools according to their role and team. Accesses are automatically opened and sent on arrival, to ensure smooth onboarding. This saves a considerable amount of time, and eliminates oversights.

3. As soon as they're onboarded, employees have everything they need to start their training: a high-performance workstation, access to their email address and all your internal tools. Avoid first-day panic and promote productive integration.

4. When he leaves, the equipment is automatically reset, the data is secured and a return slip is sent. Access is also cut off and licenses deactivated. You avoid paying for subscriptions unnecessarily, and encourage the reuse of your equipment internally.

What does the integration include?

It synchronizes the following employee data from Factorial to rzilient: full name, e-mail address, team, arrival and departure dates.