Federal Holiday Calendar 2024

Keep track of upcoming federal and regional holidays and plan your workforce accordingly. With our 2024 calendar employee absences and leave requests won't come as a surprise!

All official federal US holidays collected in one page
A single one-page calendar with federal and regional holidays
Free downloadable excel template that you can edit or print
Use with our PTO tracker template for best effect
federal holidays 2024

Do you want a better way to track time off and holidays?

Keeping track of federal holidays in addition to your regular time off, vacation, and sick day requests can be a headache. Our time off manager helps you track employee vacations, field time off requests, and gain insight into your workforce.

  • Streamline vacation requests.
  • Enforce your business's time off policy.
  • See vacation time accrued, used, and remaining for each employee.
holiday calendar 2024