Business and Employee Alignment Workshop

Are you seeing or experiencing issues related to employee performance, recruitment and retention, or employee relations? If so, you may be dealing with stressful or toxic work environment, high turnover, team conflict, performance issues, etc.

In this live online workshop, Transformational Coach Larry Lall shares insight into the alignment of employees and the business, and why this is the key to resolving such issues.

Participants learn:

How to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, engagement, communications and relationship building.
How to improve working environment: better team work, engagement, leadership.
About the impact of better corporate communications, engagements and relationships leading to increased trust, transparency and honesty.
About the impact of the approach on improving performance, productivity and profitability.
How to sustain a people focused message: WE CARE ABOUT YOU!
United States
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About Larry

Larry is a dynamic thinker, speaker, writer, consultant, business and personal coach. He has over 25 years of experience working in Management, Leadership and Information Technology in over 10 business verticals and has lived and worked in Canada, USA, Brazil, Korea, the Caribbean and Kuwait.   The founder of the MECC Cornerstone, a system used to help transform people and organizations; Larry uses this system to focus on personal development, growth and self- leadership while developing personal competencies and corporate frameworks that are aligned and engaged.  He is focused on building business environments that bring out the best in its people and he helps these people bring out the best in themselves. The results are improved performance, productivity and profitability for individuals and corporations alike.