Exploring HR Data and Analytics with Julie Turney

In this event, HR expert Julie Turney talks with us about data-driven HR, top metrics, and what your stakeholders want to know. After an HR chat, viewers hear from a Factorial product expert to explore all that Factorial has to offer when it comes to HR analytics and reports. Participants better understand
  • The value of stay interviews and how to create surveys on Factorial
  • How to set competencies and goals for employees
  • The use of a 9-box grid and 9-box web
  • How to create a performance improvement plan on Factorial
  • The value of creating reports to analyze recruitment trends and more

About Julie

Julie Turney is a heart-centric people experience architect with over 16 years of experience in the HR profession.She is the brainchild of HR@Heart Consulting Inc., a coaching firm she describes as the “HR Safe Space.” Julie created her firm as part of her healing process through her second bout of HR burnout.Today, Julie supports fellow HR professionals from around the globe who are struggling with burnout, compassion fatigue and frustration in their HR careers to get back on track and regain the lost joy in their HR careers.Julie is also a TEDx & Public Speaker, Author of the book “Confessions of an HR Pro: Stories of Defeat and Triumph”, Host of the HR Sound Off Podcast Show, and Lead Organizer of Disrupt HR Caribbean for Barbados, Jamaica & Trinidad.Julie is on a mission to raise awareness around poor mental health in HR while demystifying the many misconceptions people have about our beloved profession and the people in it.