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Log in with a single click, centralize your accesses, and automatically sync accounts.
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What is Control ID?

Control iD is specialised in developing hardware and software for electronic security, commercial automation and human resources management. Control iD intends to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of micro, small, medium and large companies in all business sectors, constantly investing in research and innovation, working in the Brazilian market with the latest technologies.

What is this integration about?

Use Control ID credentials to log into Factorial, manage and force access using your Control ID account, and automate the creation of accounts in your Control ID space. When a new employee is added or removed, a Control ID account will be created or deleted accordingly. Furthermore, it is also possible to sync the time-tracking data from Control ID to Factorial.

This process will be done through a service account that will belong to your Google Workspace.

What data will the user be able to sync?

  • Access credentials
  • User data
    • Full name
    • Identification number