Sync employee data to run compensation analysis and more!
Service available in
Vereinigtes Königreich, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands

Figures + Factorial

Save time and effort by viewing, analyzing and comparing your salary data across all markets using the all-in-one compensation platform Figures, with the data you have already attributed in Factorial to meet your company’s standards!

What is Figures?

Figures is a compensation platform that allows you to analyze who may be at risk of leaving due to salary, base your decisions on live data updated in real-time, create an overview of your compensation policy and level up your audit of salary equity between men and women with unique and innovative indicators

What is this integration about?

Sync employee data to Figures to analyze compensation on market benchmarks and other Data Intelligence solutions.

What data will be synchronized?

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company Name
  • Compensation Information

What’s the benefit of it?

  • Awareness over the gender pay gap
  • Automatic data transferring
  • Updated insights from the market
  • Reduces the risk of miscommunication
  • Saves time on researching compensation benchmarking data