iFood Benefícios

Synchronize employee data from Factorial to iFood

What is iFood Benefícios?

iFood Benefits is iFood's multi-benefit card for companies. It allows employees to receive and use the values of benefits related to food, meals and mobility, in more than 4 million establishments with the Elo brand. It can also be paid for via a printed QR code or through card machines integrated with this technology and iFood.

What are the benefits of Integration? Enjoy all the perks of Ifood: Meal vouchers, health insurance, educational courses, daycare, and much more! By integrating with Factorial, your employees can access iFood Benefits from day one without the need for manual addition to the list of beneficiaries. Find the flexibility you need and give your team the control they deserve. Issues Addressed:

  • Centralize your benefits
  • Automatically update the list of employees
  • Fully flexible use of company benefits
  • Ease in generating data for payroll processing

What does the Integration include? Synchronize employee data between Factorial and IFood Benefits, keeping them updated, and facilitate the export of data for payroll generation.