Sync your employee data from Factorial to isEazy
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What is isEazy?

isEazy is an online training platform that combines the best learning experience with powerful functionalities for training management. With isEazy, you can deploy any type of training program for your employees, whether it's online or blended, and access an extensive catalog of courses without leaving the tool.

What are the benefits of the integration?

Through the integration of Factorial and isEazy's LMS, you'll be able to synchronize more swiftly and easily all the organizational data of your employees in Factorial that are necessary to deploy your company's online training.

What does the integration include?

Through Factorial's API, all organizational and user data are automatically loaded into isEazy. These data are updated automatically with any changes occurring in Factorial, such as new hires, departures, or organizational changes. The following data will be synced from Factorial to isEazy:

  • Create new employees and delete employees that exit

Update employee data

What process should the customer follow to activate the integration?

  • Get your isEazy LMS here.
  • Provide the isEazy LMS team with the following information:
    • Your Factorial API KEY, you can get it by following the steps in this guide.
    • The code of the domain or domains you have created in isEazy LMS to which you want to associate the users.
    • The list of entities you want to keep synchronized. The possible entities are: users, workstations, locations, business units and companies.
  • The isEazy LMS team will configure the integration so that from that moment on, all the changes you make in Factorial will be synchronized in your LMS.