Enrich your user data in Sana by synching your data from your Factorial account
Service available in
Spain, Germany, Italy, Vereinigtes Königreich, USA, France

What is Sana?

The Sana Platform is a home for all your learning. Sana partners can create, host, access, and manage all of their company’s L&D on the platform. Built on AI, designed to engage—it’s the end-to-end learning platform that scales with your teams and raises everyone’s ambitions. Sana is delivered as a SaaS product.

What are the benefits of the integration?

Enrich your user data by synching your users’ metadata from your Factorial. The integration can e.g. be used to automate content enrollments, scale employee onboarding, assign user access rights, and create custom reports.

What does the integration include?

The integration includes user provisioning so it creates, updates and terminates the employees on Sana based on the information from Factorial.

You can enable or disable the synchronization for each user field or group you see in Factorial.