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Calculate work hours and fill timesheets with our simple online time card calculator.

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What's better than this calculator?

Factorial's HR software offers valuable tools to meet every single one of your time tracking needs. Logging employee hours and keeping track of time worked has never been easier.

How to use the time card calculator

To get started, simply input the start and stop times for your employees. Then, factor in any lunch or break deductions as needed. Our user-friendly system takes care of the rest. The free time card calculator will effortlessly generate a comprehensive time sheet report, complete with daily and weekly work hour totals.

Clock time

Clock time

Add start and stop times for employees

Calculate work hours

Calculate work hours

After adding the clock hours, calculate daily and weekly hours worked with the automatic calculator.

Receive your time sheet

Receive your time sheet

Simply fill in your details and your timesheet will be generated automatically!

Sign your timesheet

Sign your timesheet

Now that you've calculated your time card hours and received your filled timesheet, you can download and print your document. Don't forget to sign it!

Calculating time for work

Is the process of tracking the working hours of multiple remote employees and managing their time cards becoming overwhelming and time-consuming? Look no further than Factorial! Our HR software comes equipped with a suite of features designed to simplify your business management.

Use our free time clock for work to calculate employee hours worked. If you want to try more features that our HR software has to offer, start your free trial today!

Time clock calculator

Time clock calculator

A mobile app for employees to clock in and out, request PTO, and check their schedule from anywhere.

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Payroll hour calculator

Payroll hour calculator

Clock work hours, see total hours worked, track PTO, and prepare all data for simplified payroll.

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Clock for work

Clock for work

See employee presence and absences in real time. Keep track of hours worked.

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What is a time card calculator?

Our time card calculator is a tool available online for free, that provides quick and automated calculations of an employee's work hours with breaks and potential overtime. Here's a breakdown of what a free online time card calculator can do.

What does Factorial offer?

Factorial offers the simplicity of time cards, timesheets, and work time clocks - all in one! Instead of spending time reminding employees to clock-in and out at the beginning and end of each shift, why not automate your HR processes?

With Factorial, you can centralize your PTO management, time tracking, shift scheduling and more in a single hub.

Schedule a free demo to learn all about how you can simplify your HR processes and start focusing less on paperwork, and more on your people.

Hour calculator

These calculators can quickly compute the total hours worked and any overtime based on the inputted clock-in and clock-out times.

Meal break calculator

Our free online time card calculator is easy-to-use, catering to basic time tracking necessities. Add and accomodate for breaks.

Calculate timesheets

Calculations are promptly generated without the need for the manual creation and customization of Excel formulas and equations.

Much more than a simple time card system

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Clock-in app with QR code reader for easy time clocking.
Log work hours in a timesheet you can access from anywhere.
Schedule employee shifts and monitor employee attendance.
Everything you need for your HR department in a single, easy-to-use hub.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Cards

Do you still have questions? Learn all about time cards and time card calculators here.

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What is a time card calculator?

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What is a time clock?

Why calculate time clock data?

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