Going Beyond HR: Where does DEI fit in the workplace?

Is DEI more than just an HR strategy?

Join us for this live webinar on August 8th at 12 pm EDT to hear from Jai Collier, DEI Practitioner, Speaker and Author and discuss the important and critical place DEI holds in the workplace and the debate of whether or not it should fall under HR.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following with Jai:

The debate of where DEI belongs in the workplace
Whether or not it can succeed under HR
The impact a company's inner workings has on DEI success
How DEI can flourish in the workplace
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Jai Collier, JD | SPHR | CDE®

Jai Collier spent 15-years as a litigation attorney and has been coaching in the world of Diversity Equity and Inclusion for over 20 years. She is a full-time DEI practitioner, speaker, and author. She currently serves as the Director of DEI for Houston’s largest credit union and a Principal at ICCS, a DEI firm that supports expert consultants and organizations seeking to expand and enhance their DEI strategy. She has led statewide collaborative projects across multiple organizations and received the State Bar of Texas Innovators award, the Houston 40 under 40 Influential Lawyers award, and the HHS Game-Changer award for designing and implementing DEI programming for Houston’s award-winning safety net hospital system. She is a wife, mother of three, and a proud UT Law Alum. Hook ‘em Horns! \m/ 

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